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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sad news about Among Fables and Men

Bitfilm compilation DVD offer
"Dear Dopefish,

we plan to release a monthly Bitfilm compilation consisting of 12 films each, and we would like to include your film Among Fables and Men in one of the first editions."
"I am afraid that the legal team has numerous concerns in regard to this contract, (this is my interpretation) some of which being a profit gain from a third party via the use of our assets, inability to control advertising and how our product is distributed/marketed along with the other movies."
-Blizzard Machinima Department

Machinima Expo (Festival Arcadia Montreal)
"Dear Tobias,

It is with great disappointment (and more than a little anger) that I write to inform you that the International Machinima Expo, at least in its current form, is being canceled."

"We'll be salvaging what we can in the form of a virtual event in Second Life. We still plan to screen films and do jury selections, as well as several panels, workshops, and a keynote address. It's just that those things will take place in virtual space instead of in Montreal."
-MachinExpo Organizer

Machinima FilmFest
"Hello Filmmaker!

We are happy to announce that this year's Festival received over two hundred submissions along with yours! The preliminary judging is now over and proved to be a delicate and laborious effort due to the quality and variety of submissions.

If your film(s) made it to the nominee list then you should have already been contacted by us. If not then we regret to notify you that your film(s) did not make it into the festival; however this does not go without a very big thank you from all of us at the festival for submitting and sharing your creations."
-Machinima FilmFest Organizer

Hmm, I can't actually find any mail at the moment stating that I actually got nominated to the Machinima FilmFest, so I guess Among Fables and Men didn't make it to the short-list.

And it would've been a wonderful opportunity to have been featured on the first volume of Bitfilm compilation DVD, but understandably (and regrettably), Blizzard couldn't give me the proper permissions to actually participate.

Then we have the Machinima Expo. The cool thing about that was it being part of the Festival Arcadia in Montreal, so that the featured machinimas would reach out to an audience outside of the machinima community.

Oh well..

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Pinkhair 3d said...

Too bad... I didn't get into the FilmFest either, alas =(

Dopefish said...

But I'm really looking forward to the FilmFest. It's bound to have plenty of quality videos as the nominees :)