Friday, September 29, 2006

Alan Wake, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed

Alan Wake


Assassin's Creed

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Darkness - TGS 06 Trailer

GameTrailers - The Darkness

Monday, September 25, 2006

Swedish Game Awards 2007

Just came back from the police station. They had to take a picture of me, so other countries would be able to recognize me wherever I went. In a week or two, I'm going to visit the tea-sippers at the 2K HQ, and while at site, I'll get educated in the fine arts of Quality Assurance. The teachings will only take a couple of days, but I still thougth it would be good with a passport, or so I've heard.

Other news is, as the title suggest, the forthcoming of the Swedish Game Awards 2007. I've never really understood why events tend to name themself with the year that's aftertheir current one. Oh well, this event will be happening on the fourth of October, 2006, between 18.00-22.00.

Where? At the Zkillz internet café in Stockholm, Saltmätargatan 19, near Handelshögskolan. I hope to be able to attend, if it won't collide with my London travelling, and since it's just a train ride from Uppsala, aswell as there'll be more people from the job walking about.

Swedish Games Awards, Silver Partner - Starbreeze
Starbreeze is a next-gen and PC game developer founded in 1998. The Uppsala-based development team consists of over 50 employees and is growing steadily. Following the latest acclaimed release "The Chronicles of Riddick" (Xbox, PC), the team is currently working on "The Darkness" (X360, PS3), and another major project for Vivendi Games.

Through a strong creative focus and a unique feeling for entertainment value, Starbreeze strives to become one of the most successful independent game developers in the world.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Introversion's Defcon Leaked?

Seems like Introversion's (Uplink, Darwinia) next game Defcon got leaked one week prior to the release of it on Steam, but it doesn't work online without a full payment of $9.95 (pre-order through Steam).

But the price is very affordable, and Introversion have and is taking steps to confuse P2P-pirates. So this could likely be a intentional "leak" and work like a s sort of a trial insteadl, to promote it for the release, September 29th.

"We will release a version of our game that looks like it's been hacked at the same time as a pirated version gets out,"

"Our version looks like the real game, but is in fact a demo. After the third time of downloading the demo, the P2P user will be very, very frustrated, and will do one of two things - give up or buy the game from us. We subverted the Bit Torrent network for Darwinia very successfully this way,"

"You can cause mayhem on P2P networks. It's quite fun really and it gets a lot of people talking about your products also."
Cause mayhem to disrupt illegal downloads, says Introversion

First thougths on Bioshock

The first thing that strikes me, is the impressive environments, that really breath surrealism and fantasy. But if you want to redefine the FPS-genre, you'll also need some awsome gameplay aswell, and currently, the video doesn't show anything that makes me go "Oh, I really want to try that".

It's not the lack of action / shooting (rather, I find that as a good aspect), but it just doesn't look exciting. Of course, the game is still in its early phase, but I think it's being a little too close of a spiritual sequel for System Shock 2, and I have a hard time seeing a sequal to be redefining...

The week after, and cold coffee in the cup

I'm sitting here alone in my office, on the midnight between friday to saturday, sipping on my hot Café Americano, and I just relized that Nogg-aholic the Movie is up to over 200 000 downloads. That's a double platinum!

Nogg-aholic forum have had a increase, and is now beyond 8000 members, people that's just curious about what it's about, and explorers alike.

The "secret-project" is still alive, but have had its fair share of delays, and will probably have plenty more. Maybe it will turn out to become a christmas present?

I don't know what I did right, but my karma-boost is still sky-rocketing, and my latest reward was the seemingly impossible; to get a good appartment in a crowded town like Uppsala. It's currently under renovation, but I expect it to be available within 1-2 months, and then I'll get a completly fresh appartment, with walking distance to the job!

People have found me hard to reach the latest week, and that's just because I'm soo deep in to my job. The Quality Assurance position was even more suiting for me than I could ever have imagined, and I'm enjoying it to the fullest degree possible, while maintaining effectivity.

I've enjoyed it soo much, that's I've been here everyday of the week for atleast 10 hours a day, but that's not because I was forced or even asked to be here soo much... just that I rather do this than anything else at the moment, so it's hardly feels like working at all :)

Only downside is that I need to get into a normal day-rythm once again. The effort of getting out of the bed in the morning is almost killing me, but motivation gets me onto my feet in no time, a bit swaying, but still standing none-the-less ;)

Now I got alot of catching up on gaming related news, and my Café Americano has gone cold (but I don't mind). Blog in, blog out!

Latest loot: 2K t-shirt, with The Darkness logo

Monday, September 18, 2006

Third Day, Still OK...

... or rather, it feels like things are going well and my passion for the game industry have just grown even bigger under these days. Is that even possible I ask myself? Hard to say, but I somehow feel happier and easier on the inside since I started working here, and I really do hope I will be able to stay here for quite a while.

Yesterday, one of the artists here had a party with alot of the co-workers around here, and I got to socialize little, and I must say, these guys are really nice and have done a great effort to make me feel welcomed!

I don't know if it were because of the booze, but most of them didn't want to let me go for the night, without hugging me on the way out. Everyone I've spoken with soo far, have been both interesting, kind and funny, and all of them got the greatest job in the world :)

The backside is, that I have to learn myself alot of new names, of everyone that's working here, and not only that, but to be able to connect the names with their faces and what their position is. Some of them come into my office from time to time, sit down in a chair and take a look at what I'm currently up to. I show them something neat I figured out just moments prior. Somehow it feels like I'm on the right track when they leave the room smiling.

Well, most have left the office by now, and I should maybe head towards home myself, or go downstairs and take a look at what Saint is up to. But that's mostly pointless since he's "just" writing code that's far too advanced for me to comprehend as of this moment, and for quite awhile forward... to be continued.

Friday, September 15, 2006

First day in Uppsala

Woke up tired this morning. I played Shadow of Collosus again, all night, last night. Woke up tired. This was the first day for me at Starbreeze, and its been a bit nervous. Things has settled down along the day, and I feel rather comfortable now, in my new office, just need some more posters. Had to learn some new software and get myself into the routine.

Todays loot, a nice Starbreeze t-shirt.

Yesterday, as I was taking the train from Stockholm to Uppsala, I thougth I saw my ex-girlfriend from Öland. Today at lunch, I ate pasta at a nice restaurant, and who do you think comes, orders pasta, and sits right behind me?

For some reason, I lost all of my appetite. Luckily, she never noticed me, so I could leave the place without having to speak with her. Memories from the past is better left behind...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus

We've just completed Shadow of the Colossus in one sitting. That wasn't enough, so we're going to finish it twice in one sitting, this game rocks. Be right back.

Completed the game at 04:28:44, and we're going to play it once again to complete all the time attacks, but the question is, if our effort will last that long?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lost in Uppsala

Well, since I got myself a job in Uppsala, I need to move to Uppsala, something that's proven itself more difficult than I could've foreseen. Sure, you'll be able to hitch around short-term contracts and such, but I really want a place close to work, where I can settle in.

A little area where I can place my bed, my computer and my projector in, aswell as an area where I can prepare food that I'll later upload pictures of to my blog. I don't crave much, just something that feels a little bit more permanent than 1-2 months contracts, and with walking/cycling distance to work.

I've signed up 11 interest application for Uppsalahem, but the best placement in que was 98/100 and most of them was around placement 300 in que. I've e-mailed and called a few people from the "Uppsala studentkårs bostadsjour", but they're mostly filled up or the availability is too short.

There's still alot to go until I become this desperate (pictured above), but things are looking gloom. It will be tough to leave behind such a dream living, but the work will justify it and things will get better over time. There's no danger for me sleeping on the street atleast, since I got three places that will provide sanctuary for me, but I want a place of my own, to call home...

Gamer Lifestyle
Uppsala studentkårs bostadsjour

Uwe Boll Traumatizes Nerd

The first words that comes to my mind is pathetic, humiliation and failure. This guy were supposed to stand up and tell Uwe that not only does his films suck, but he himself suck. I got the screaming abdabs from watching them hug at the end.

It's apperant that Uwe Boll were going totally easy on this guy, by first not hitting him the first round and then not pummeling him much at all during the second one. Let this be a wake up call for the next challengers, don't fail us soo miserly!

Raging Boll Super Battle Brawl
Uwe Boll: "Bring it on!"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fanboyism - The Console Wars

For everyday that pass by, Sony's choice to use blu-ray seems more and more inept. Announced today, (and not coming as a big suprise either) the shortage of blue laser diode (a key component in the blu-ray drives) has caused PS3 to be delayed until March for Europe, and greatly lowered the shipped PS3's for the US and Japan launch.

Around 100,000 units will be available in Japan by the release at Nov. 11th, and 400,000 units will be available in the US by Nov. 17th. Sony has stated before that they would be able to sell the console even without games, but will they still be able to sell it without the consoles?

Meantime, Nintendo has six-year-and-a-half high on their stock prices, due to the expectations of their soon-to-be-released Wii, and is still expected for another rise once the release date is announced 14th this month. Microsoft has had the benefit of being the sole competitor on the market for months, and still months to come, although they still have problem breaking into the Japanese market.

Who are ripping off who?
European sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 delayed until March
Nintendo Wii Anticipation Drives Shares to Multi-Year Highs

Sunday, September 03, 2006

1K Project II

"1000 cars racing at the same time - Trackmania Sunrise :D"
"This was made by combining replays together, imagine playing the same map 1000 times a little bit differently each time then combining all of the replays."

Friday, September 01, 2006

What were you thinking?

So, I'm standing with my bags packed... waiting for the two of my friends to finish up, so we can rush down to the harbour, to the boat. The clock is ticking by, and things aren't looking good. I'm advised to go ahead, something I felt was really needed, and I barely make it.

This means, if I barely made it, and the other two were coming after me... well, they had to take the trip the next day instead.

Whoa, I'm travelling out in big, scary, Sweden by myself, getting some backup coordination through mobilephone so I'll know what transportation to take and where to find it. All goes well, and I arrive late that evening in Uppsala.

I get a comfortable inflatable to sleep on, but for some reason, I'm unable to sleep. I wake up, look at the clock... CHRIST, we've overslept! Then I wake up again, check the clock, there's plenty of hours to go before I'm actually supposed to wake up, damn confusing dreams.

I wake up, by the sound of the construction site across the street, building some office complex, 6 o'clock in the morning. Close the window, and back to sleep. I wake up, and there's still 15 minutes to go until the alarm clock would've teared me apart from the dream world anyway.

Tired and anxious I share breakfast with the friend I was overnighting at, before he went to work. I followed him, since I was going to the same place anyway, for that job interview. Since they had a non-disclosure agreement waiting for me at my arrival, I'm unfortunately unable to share pictures or too much info of what happend.

Well, they gathered a few people, and stuck me in a room, grilled me with a few questions and had something more in storage to make sure that I was the man they were looking for. All in all, I thougth it went well, but a suggestion for everyone that's seeking employment at a game development company, you should read up as much as you can about the company before your interview. If not to make sure you atleast know who they are, it's to show that you're very serious about joining them. I didn't do any indepth study though.

They tell me that they would come back to me again within a week, or a week and a half. I hang around the office for a while, and read a few magazines that had front pages representing their games. I take up my mobilephone to check the clock... or so I thougth, but it seemed that my pocket somehow were empty.

Scurrying around their complex, revisiting the spots I've been at, without luck, the mobile is nowhere to be found. So, I enter my friends office, explains my problem, and that I suspect I left it as his house. That phone was my only life line if I need coordination, or missed a transportation.

I couldn't ask him to leave in the middle of his work, just to take me back to his home because I forgot something. He comes up with a plan, prints out a map, write down directions and lend me his keys, his bike and his mobilephone. I'm heading out for adventure!

Bicycling around Uppsala holding a map without any further sense of direction, is a experience in itself, and I somehow manage to navigate without stopping to ask a single person. Upon entry, I immediately spot my mobile lying on the breakfast table, snatch it, and head back the same way I came.

Back at the their office, I relize their doors are locked and I don't know the code, so I pick up his phone to call his direct number to ask him to open up, but he had some weird keylock. What know? I couldn't use his phone and I couldn't get in... then I relized, that I've just retrieved my own phone... clever.

(Well, I would've unlocked his phone eventually, with my enigma code breaking skills...)

It's time for dinner, we decide on pizza, and I get another map to the train station for safety. The pizza was good, we take farewell, and I start walking. It will be interesting to know when the train departed, since I didn't have any schedule, so I'm just carelessly strolling towards the train station.

On the way there, I spot a bookstore, and there's this book I'd wanted, feat. a pizza delivering hacker, wielding katanas. Of course I must have it. My request makes the clerk respond in recognition, and told me there's been someone else asking for that book and they didn't have it then. The other clerk tells the first clerk that they might've just bougth in it, and it's possible that it's in one of their book carts (the small vans with the books they haven't placed in the shelves yet).

"If they have the book I'll get the job", I think to myself, not because I believed superstition like that, but it's fun to just play with the thought. They had, and for a good price to! Happy for having gotten their only ex of it, and for my luck, I keep following the map towards the train station.

"If I also, makes it to the train, just in time for its departure, I'll get the job", I think to myself yet again. The next train heading to Stockholm will depart in 10 minutes. Lucky!

Sitting their on my lucky train, reading my luckily bougth Snow Crash, my phone starts to ring. Must be mom, making sure that everything have went well and that I didn't miss the train. "Hello again, where are you now? I was wondering if you could come back up to the office". This is not my mom, atleast not if she haven't somehow managed to transform her vocal cords to sound exactly the same as the guy that just interviewed me for the job.

"Ehhmm, I'm at the train heading towards Stockholm now."
"Oh, I see, I thought it would better to talk with you about this in person, but I was wondering how much you would need to be payed, to moved from Gotland to Uppsala?"
"Ehmm, uh-huh, oh, ehmm, thanks!"

So now I'm being full-time employed in the game industry, before even turning 21! Well, I'll turn 21 tomorrow, and I haven't actually signed their contract yet, but the deal is settled, and that's what matters ;)

I'll be moving to Uppsala within between 1-2 weeks, so let's party the remaint of my time, so I'll leave the island without regrets. Damn, I'm going to totally miss everyone at school, and our gatherings together... but farewell, and the fish says thanks!

Have you ever been Starbreezed?