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Tiny & Big - Up That Mountain

Tiny & Big

Pixels by Patrick Jean

Cooking skill +3

Retro Game Challenge #1 - 7th of April 2010

During my last visit at Gotland University, I arranged a retro game competition. The participants didn't get to know which games and what rules there would be in beforehand, and only revealed to them for each round.

The challenger that scored the highest last round would be the first one out the next, and the second best would be the second to play and so forth. This so there would be a handicap for those who came in last.

For this to be fair, we began with a game most people already knew.

Challenge: Complete the first three levels and get a high score.

Zeke: 43 300p
Hjort: 44 950p
CF: 22 600p
Johan: 47 850p

Challenge: Defeat level 1 boss in the shortest amount of time.

Johan: Failed
Hjort: Succeeded (06:03)
Zeke: Failed
CF: Succeeded (07:12)

Challenge: Progress through as many rooms as you can with 5 lives.

Hjort: 0 rooms
CF: 1 room
Johan: 6 rooms
Zeke: 1 room

Challenge: Complete as many levels as you can with only 5 lives.

Johan: 1 level
CF: 3 levels
Zeke: 3 levels
Hjort: 4 levels

Challenge: Complete as many scenes as possible.

Hjort: 0 scenes
CF: 1½ scenes
Zeke: 2½ scenes
Johan: ½ scene

Challenge: Race through the C-course and get a high score.

Zeke: 35 832p
CF: 44 400p
Johan: 44 857p
Hjort: 41 899p

Challenge: Complete the two first levels and get a high score.

Johan: 86 350p
CF: 100 350p
Hjort: 110 350p
Zeke: 197 650p

Challenge: Get as far as possible without getting retired.

Zeke: Drove straight forward and off the road.
Hjort: Almost reached the first bus stop.
CF: Got halfway to the first bus stop.
Johan: Just after the first bus stop.

Challenge: Get as many kills as possible before dying once.

Johan: 47 kills
Hjort: 58 kills
CF: 66 kills
Zeke: 180 kills

Challenge: Fight each others, best out of five matches.

Zeke vs CF: Zeke
Hjort vs Johan: Johan
CF vs Hjort: CF
Zeke vs Johan: Johan

Final result
Johan: 26p (1st place)
CF: 22p (2nd place)
Hjort: 22p (2nd place)
Zeke: 20p (4th place)