Friday, November 28, 2008

Hacker Evolution: Untold

"It’s not an indie-dev ego-outburst, but the name of the lead character. I’ve played a couple of the previous versions, and it remains the serious competitor to Introversion’s classic Uplink.

From my brief look at the demo, it maintains its main separating point - that is, you actually use a text interface to type DOS-line orders to go about your hacks."
More Software Crime: Hacker Evolution: Untold
Exosyphen Studios - Hacker Evolution: Untold

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fallout 3 modding tools coming in December

"Bethesda has announced that the Fallout 3 "Garden of Eden Creation Kit" -- or in simpler terms, Fallout 3 mod tools -- will be released for free for the PC version of the game in December, allowing gamers to create and add their own content to the game."
Fallout 3 Mod Tools and First DLC Announced

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gabe Newell on procedural narrative

"To come up with a theory for how to do narrative in a multiplayer game we started by looking at the players’ different behaviors – exactly how they’re playing, what their actions are, where they move.

We tried to note as many interesting contexts of their actions as possible. Are they moving together as a group or are they splitting up? Is their mouse jerking around a lot, or are they interacting smoothly? Are they agitated or are they relaxed? How much damage are they taking? How accurate is their shooting?

Then, using all that data we tried to come up with a model to tell us how the player is faring in the game.

The data can tell if a player is comfortable or if they are starting to be overwhelmed. Once you have that concept, then you can start to create pacing and events in response to the player."
Gabe Newell Writes for Edge

Grin's Terminator Salvation coming May 2009

"Warner Bros has confirmed it will distribute the upcoming Terminator: Salvation game, set to launch in-line with the film’s release in May 2009.

The third-person action game is currently being worked on by Swedish game developer Grin, whose recent work includes the PC version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 as well as the PSN and Live Arcade downloadable remake of Bionic Commando."
Terminator: Salvation Set for 2009
An ordinary day in the offices of Grin
Lattjo Lajban featuring Grin
Avalanche - Game Developers Evening Pictures

"Immersion" - Video of gamer faces

Gordon Freeman at the Large Hadron Collider

"You may recall that back in September, an anonymous CERN researcher working on the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator gained a small amount of Internet infamy when it was pointed out that he bared a striking resemblance to Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman.

Since there was some concern at the time about the potential of the Large Hadron Collider to explode the world, the bloggers at Reddit took the necessary precautions by sending this researcher a few safety tools: a crowbar, a headcrab hat, and a Half-Life strategy guide.

Not only did he receive this survival package, but it seems he put it to fantastic use."
'Real Gordon Freeman' Saves CERN from Headcrab Invasion
Large Hadron Rap

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deus Ex Ultra High Quality Mod v0.1

Deus Ex Ultra High Quality Mod V0.1
Deus Ex Enhancements
First release of Deus Ex - HDTP
Deus Ex - Burden of 80 Proof mod
Deus Ex - Cassandra Project mod
Deus Ex - Zodiac mod

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - Developer Diary

Project Origin - Developer Diary 1 & 2
Project Origin - Developer Q&A Round 1

Afro Samurai - Beatbox Trailer

Brash sued by developers for non-payment

L.A.-based 7 Studios says Brash owes it $468,000 for its work on “9,” an adaptation of an upcoming animated film from Focus Features produced by Tim Burton (one of the few games on Brash’s slate I didn’t previously know about) and $113,000 for “Six Flags Fun Park,” (pictured left) a Wii and DS mini-game collection that’s supposed to be coming out right about now (has anybody seen it on shelves?). Slovenian developer Zootfly, meanwhile, says Brash owes it $748,000 for work on the videogame version of the Fox TV show “Prison Break.”
Brash sued by developers for non-payment
Brash officially shutting down

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eve Fanfest 2008: CCCP developing an FPS?

Edge also asked to clarify the rumor that CCP is working on a console-based FPS (of which a brief video of the ‘Halo-like shooter’ was shown at this year’s EVE Fanfest). Petursson would not confirm or deny the speculation, though he did say that “historically at the EVE Fanfest we give the attendees glimpses of what we’re working on in terms of future EVE developments. And we do this in part to gauge the audiences’ reaction to figure out how we should prioritise our future work.”
CCP Games: Why We Chose Atari

More Deus Ex 3 Concept Art

PC Zone #200 - Dues Ex 3 (magazine scans)
First Deus Ex 3 Concept Art?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fallout 3: Better graphics with ini Tuning

Fallout 3: Better graphics with ini Tuning

Just want to spread the word of

Every morning before getting ready to make sure my team is on track with development I sit down, put on my sexy voice and do a quick recording.

Before really seriously persuing anything in this industry I realized that before I even thought to come here and expect anything out of this industry I better find a way to contribute something to it.

Industry Broadcast seemed like as good an idea as any other so I went out contacted 30 or 40 of thetop minds and with the support of some great developers started recording.
-Ryan Wiancko, Creative Engineer at Netflow Developments LTD

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sacred 2 free on P2P for a timed duration

CDV’s to allow people to access Sacred 2 for free via P2P sharing, the publisher’s announced, although play with be time-locked to a day before you’re supposed to pay for the game.

The code will be cracked, of course, but the publisher is simply hoping that people will reward it in return for allowing people to get the full client for nothing.

“Nothing is, of course, uncrackable in the world of video games,” CDV chap Mario Kroll told MTV.

“Our intention is not to build Fort Knox (and thus surely irritating paying, legitimate customers), but instead to offer a sensible sharing solution that works for publishers and gamers.”

“Surely there will be cracks and unlock solutions,” he continued, “but we’re hoping that by extending the spirit of sharing and trying to be really unobtrusive in our approach, that consumers will do the right thing and reciprocate by paying for a high-value, high-quality game.

“I think with this approach, if it can be proven a success story, it will encourage other publishers to follow suit, rewarding those consumers that are fed up with other, overly draconian copy protection schemes impacting their enjoyment of games they bought.”

More through there. Sacred 2’s out in the first quarter of next year.
Sacred 2 to have legal game-sharing
Introversions thoughts about piracy and DRM
Some dungeons I built for Sacred 2

Left4Dead Art Direction, Part 1: Filmic Effects

L4D Art Direction, Part 1: Filmic Effects

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EVE Online: Walking in Stations Demo

Video: EVE Online Walking in Stations Demo from FanFest 2008
Geomerics to light up EVE’s Walking on Stations expansion

The new Nintendo DSi has shorter battery life

Faster Processor Shorter Battery Life For Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi blocks DS flash carts

R4 carts incompatible with DSi receives $3.85 millions has "received $3.85 million in capital from MK Capital and other private investors to help fund business expansion."

The press release indicates five "influential entertainment industry leaders and entrepreneurs" have been appointed to the company's board of directors to assist in the expansion. The new members include Yair Landau, former head of Sony Pictures Digital, Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons, Matt Coffin, founder of, Mark Terbeek, partner at MK Capital, and Allen DeBevoise, CEO of Machinima. Received $3.85 Million to Fund Expansion

Ubisoft acquires Massive Entertainment

Paris, France - November 10, 2008 - Today Ubisoft announced that it has acquired from Activision Blizzard the assets and all of the personnel of esteemed Malmö, Sweden- based studio Massive Entertainment®, as well as the real time strategy brand World In Conflict®.
Created in 1997, Massive employs over 120 developers and was ranked as one of the top 50 best game studios in the world by Game Developers Research in 2008.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Open House at Eidos Montréal

"We are opening our doors from 10am-5pm on Saturday November 15 where you'll be able to tour the studio, catch a glimpse of who-knows-what(!), and talk to members of the DX3 development team.

The atmosphere should be quite lively and entertaining as we'll be having contests and doing other fun things. It's also a great chance to drop off a CV."
Open House at Eidos Montréal
Events in Montréal This November

Monday, November 03, 2008

Roccat Valo - Gaming Keyboard

I think I just found my new keyboard! Too bad about the two unnecessary rows of macro keys, and I really doubt it is as comfortable as my current Keytronic keyboard. I wonder when the release date for this keyboard is...

Roccat Kone - Gaming Mouse

for maximum precision
for increased tracking performance and reduced Pick-Up-Flight syndrome
for enhanced processing power
for up to 5 Game Profiles – stored directly on the mouse
showing the full spectrum of colors
for individual weight adjustment
8 of them customizable + 4-way wheel
with optimum grip + comfort
for accelerated data transfer
ultra-quiet and low-friction
... and it weights 118g (without the extra weights)!

Roccat Kone

The Making of Max Payne

Development of Max Payne spanned several years, with ’96 and ’97 seeing the leap from Quake II-era 3D accelerators to cards capable of, as Remedy would discover, near-photographic realism.

Until technology intervened, the game was a more cartoony affair drawn entirely by hand. “But if we wanted to set the game in, say, some sleazy motel in New York, we needed some kind of reference,” says Vanhatalo.

“We’d already sent the art guys to some really nasty neighbourhoods with a couple of bodyguards, and then we realised that we had all these photos. Why not use them as the basis for our textures?"
The Making of Max Payne

The view outside my window

Vuxenpoäng +1
Crimson Skies

Some dungeons I built for Sacred 2

Note: These pictures aren't representative of the final game in any way. These were taken in the Sacred 2 editor around alpha 0.02 or something. Yes, that's a very very early build of the game.

Random Encounter
The Transferor