Saturday, June 27, 2009

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"A VOLTA" from NASA Project: Narco-Cholo Game Ultraviolence
Good thing that the video is only like 5 years old
Oh no, they figured out I'm a pirate!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Evercracked - The Phenomenon of Everquest


HOME (full video)

Action Half-Life 2 Released!

Action Half-Life 2

BT - See You On The Other Side

Temperature on the Swedish game industry

GRIN: -~100 ppl (closing down two studios) (May'09)
DICE: Recruitment stop (trial employments don't get upgraded)
Avalanche Studios: -77 ppl (October'08), -20 ppl (May'09)
Starbreeze Studios: Almost only recruiting seniors and very experienced people

GRIN are yet to confirm the closing of their two offices in Barcelona, and in Gothenburg, aswell as the laying off 30 people from their Stockholm office. Below are some statistics as of why they would've needed to close down some studios:

Game - Sales - Avg. Score
Terminator - Salvation: 45,000 (50%)
Bionic Commando: 27,000 (74%)
Wanted - Weapons of Fate: 100,000 (65%)
Bionic Commando - Rearmed: 130,000 (first week only) (87%)

Just Cause dev Avalanche to lay off more staff
Gone fishing - BRB new year

Offworld - The awesome game blog


Behind the Scenes: BIT.TRIP BEAT

Fret Nice gets Tecmo as publisher

Ninja Gaiden papercraft

Side-scrolls: 8-bit Ninja Gaiden in paper

Bit Shifter - March of the Nucleotides

Mobigame - Edge (iPhone)


Blood Run map added to Quake Live

Blood Run map added to Quake Live