Friday, February 29, 2008

SCi cuts 25% jobs, cancels 14 projects

"Our quality has slipped below acceptable standards and, through disappointing game development and working within an ineffective operating structure, we are failing to realise the commercial return our creative ability and our shareholders demand."
SCi is the parent company of Eidos, but it's unclear if these cancellations will affect Avalanche Studios and/or IO Interactive.

SCi to cut 25 per cent of jobs, cancels 14 projects

Mirror's Edge screenshots 2

Mirror's Edge screenshots

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nvision'08 taking place August 25th to 27th

Nvidia has announced it will hold a conference for the world of visual computing in games at San Jose this August.


The conference will boast technical sessions, an exhibition hall, and a HD theatre. Nvidia said it hopes to attract 15,000 to the event, including 10,000 'amateur and pro gamers, demosceners, Game modders, machinima creators, and 3D artists', 3,000 from the trade (including game developers and software vendors) and 2,000 other visitors.
Nvidia to host 2008 event toasting visual computer arts

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recommendation: Penumbra - Black Plague

The atmosphere in Penumbra: Black Plague constantly keeps you at the edge of your seat, which is mostly due to its eerie sound design. The puzzles seems fresh and logical, and it's the first game to feature physic gameplay that doesn't feel tacked on.

While I highly recommend anyone to atleast try this game out, I must give a heed of warning for the total let-down of the end segment of the game. It seems the developers felt the need for somekind of climax and therefore threw together a Half-Life-esque ending with travelling to another universe.

Also, there's a couple of bugs left in the game before it was distributed, and a few consistent crashes, but which there's hotfixes provided for. But even after that I'll gladly recommend it to anyone due to its standout gameplay and atmosphere.

Penumbra: Black Plague

GoldenEye to XBLA, o'rly? no? yes? no?

"The story in Xbox World 360 is based entirely on rumour and speculation," MGS told us.

"Unfortunately, we were never contacted by the publication to confirm information or participate in the story in any way, as we would have confirmed that we do not have the necessary rights to release GoldenEye on Xbox Live Arcade."
In the new issue of Xbox World 360, we've got the inside scoop on the aborted GoldenEye project. An inside scoop that includes hands-on details and FOUR PAGES of dazzling new shots. No rumour. No speculation. Oh, and contrary to reports, comment from Microsoft too.


"Explosions and flame effects have been remade from scratch, and rows of trees and new in-game objects add a sense of presence to areas without affecting gameplay.

The atmospheric changes are most apparent when playing the Jungle level, where every tree and plant has been rebuilt.

Where a green wall at the edge of the arena fenced you in on the N64, now the wall has been removed and a new wall of foliage has been set several metres beyond the original boundary..."
Goldeneye 007 coming to XBLA?
No GoldenEye for XBLA :'(
Wait... is Goldeneye 007 coming to XBLA?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thoughts on EA's $2 billion bid for Take Two

"While everyone seems to be focusing on Grand Theft Auto 4, however, there is another important piece of this puzzle that cannot be ignored: Take Two, which owns 2K Sports, is the only other power player in sports gaming on the market.

EA has just extended its exclusive deal with the NFL until 2013, and an acquisition of Take Two would put EA in control of the only strong competitor left in sports gaming."


"EA may claim that it's not rattled by the power of the Activision/Vivendi merger, but this acquisition would give EA unprecedented power over sports gaming, and would allow the company to add BioShock, Bully, Midnight Club, and of course the Grand Theft Auto series to its already impressive stable of games."
EA's $2 billion bid for Take Two bad news for sports gaming

Stage6 to Shut Down on February 28

Stage6 to Shut Down on February 28

GDC'08: The State of Indie Games

Sunday, February 24, 2008

So it finally happened again...

It almost went two years without me becoming sick once, but I've been feeling increasingly worse since last Thursday and I can no longer deny that I've gotten the cold.

It's not all that bad, just a plugged nose, some sneezing / coughing and a heavy head. Feel free to post your condolences as I stay here and wallow in my own self-pity.

Where's the curry?

Will Wright @ GDC'08

Will Wright Gets all Brainy on Drunk Audience

Patapon Launch Trailer


Friday, February 22, 2008

Alone in the Dark adds skipping if you get stuck

"We want everybody to be able to finish our game, so one of the other new features we've added is the ability to skip sections using a DVD-style menu if you get stuck, but always at a cost, and achievements is one way to reward players who don't skip."
OXM: Alone In The Dark Q&A

GDC'08 CryEngine2

GDC 2008: Cam Demo Pt. 1

GDC 2008: Cam Demo Pt. 2

GDC 2008: Cam Demo Pt. 3

GDC 2008: Cam Demo Pt. 4

CryEngine2 - Tech Demos
GDC'07 CryEngine2

Futuremark future talk

Q&A: Futuremark Sets A New Benchmark With Games
3DMark Next, DirectX 9c Benchmark
Futuremark 3DMark 2006 released

What Chrono Resurrection would've been

Unfortunatly, this fan made project will never be released, due to Square Enix lawyers of doom that put a stop to it back in 2004.

Chrono Symphonic

Portal 2 accidently confirmed by Kim Swift

"I think Doug Lombardi, who's our marketing director at Valve, has announced Portal 2"
We all knew it would come, but it's still nice to have confirmation of it. But I feel for Kim, since I bet this was unintentional.

Kim Swift - From Narbacular Drop To Portal

Wait... is Goldeneye 007 coming to XBLA?

More information once the magazine spreads on 27th of February.
No GoldenEye for XBLA :'(
Goldeneye 007 coming to XBLA?

Insomniac Games PS3 Research & Development

This page documents our current research and development in hopes of supporting the PS3 development community and enhancing overall development for its core technologies such as the CELL processor and RSX.

In addition, we hope that giving interested tech-heads a deeper look into Insomniac's game development and production philosophy will let them see a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes here.
Insomniac Games :: Research & Development
Insomniac Games :: Nocturnal Wiki

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console

Bala Keilman, CEO of Commodore Gaming: “The massive impact the Commodore 64 had on video-gaming is still evident today with many gamers remembering the computer and its games with great fondness. By working with Nintendo of Europe, we are ensuring that future generations of gamers can play some of the best and most popular titles that kick-started the computer games revolution and so keep the C64 legacy in gamers hearts.”
Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console

DreamSpark - Free dev tool package for students

Microsoft has just announced Microsoft DreamSpark. This is a program that allows students of high schools and accredited universities to download, for free, a number of Microsoft development tools. This includes Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, Microsoft Expression Studio and Windows Server 2003.

The program is currently limited to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium, and does require your school to verify your enrollment. However, Microsoft has signaled the intention to add additional regions to this list.
Free Microsoft development tools for students
Microsoft DreamSpark

“SunBurn” - Advanced Lighting Engine for XNA

We are proud to announce our latest lighting and material engine, codenamed Project “SunBurn”, for use with Microsoft's XNA Game Studio. Project SunBurn provides XNA game developers, technology developers, and hobbyists with advanced dynamic unified lighting, shadowing, and powerful material systems.

Written from the ground up in XNA Game Studio, Project SunBurn is fully managed and 100% compatible with the XNA Framework and Content Pipeline. The system's flexible framework provides smooth integration into new and existing games and engines, with tools to create customized lighting, material, and rendering systems.
Project “SunBurn” Advanced Lighting Engine for XNA
XNA user-created games coming to XBLA

Allegorithmic Unveils Substance @ GDC'08

Substance is Allegorithmic's new generation of middleware for authoring and generating textures that feature unprecedented visual quality and graphical detail. Some of Substance's key features include:

Continuous texture streaming allows delivery of 2-4 times more detailed texture data and real-time integration of weather dependant effects, visual post processes, on-the-fly decal generation and breakable environments.

Fast and multi-threaded texture generation (higher than 4MB/s per core or per SPU) makes it ideal for racing games, flight simulations and other games featuring large environments and/or open worlds.

90% linearity in the number of cores means Substance doesn't impact the GPU and the frame rate of the game.

Significantly minimizes texture memory allocation needs.
GDC 2008: Allegorithmic Unveils Substance
Substance: Redefining the Nature of Texturing Sponsored by Allegorithmic

Enlighten Demo @ GDC'08

Geomerics Enlighten
Global illumination and penumbra shadows

XNA user-created games coming to XBLA

Chris Satchell, Microsoft’s developer group general manager, announced during his keynote (Kotaku) this morning that Microsoft will soon allow users to create games using XNA and then distribute them on XBLA using a “democratized distribution system:”
GDC Microsoft Keynote: XNA User-Created Games on XBLA
Visual Walkthrough of Xbox 360's XNA Interface

Havok downloadable for non-commercial use

Havok™, the premier provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, today announced that the company will offer the PC version of its award-winning physics and animation software product – Havok Complete – for download free of charge.

Available for non-commercial use, Havok Complete for the PC will be freely downloadable in May 2008.
Havok Offers Core Physics Software Free for PC Game Developers

Insomniac is looking for recruits (has pinball)

Starbreeze and EA partner up to reinvent classic

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb 21, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ERTS | news | PowerRating | PR Charts -- EA Partners today announced that it has teamed up with Starbreeze Studios, the award-winning developers of The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay to reinvent one of EA's most acclaimed classic franchises. The title, with the internal code name Project RedLime, is being developed for the PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360(TM) system from Microsoft and PC.

"EA Partners is thrilled to hand over the keys to one of EA's most acclaimed franchises to Starbreeze Studios," said David DeMartini, vice president and general manager of EA Partners. "Starbreeze's pedigree is undisputed and we could not be happier to welcome them to the EA Partners family. The team is creating an incredibly innovative take on a classic property and EA Partners is poised to deliver a blockbuster launch on the global stage."

"EA Partners gives independent developers like Starbreeze access to EA's unrivaled global publishing infrastructure, letting us focus our energy on what we do best - making incredible games," said Johan Kristiansson, CEO of Starbreeze Studios. "We're already deep in development on Project RedLime and the team at EA is giving us the time we need to perfect our vision. We're excited to bring a new perspective and gameplay innovation to this beloved fiction."

Additional information about the Starbreeze project will follow in the coming months. For more information about other EA games, please visit

Developers interested in working at Starbreeze can search available jobs at
Starbreeze and EA partner up to reinvent classic EA franchise

Unreal Engine Tech Demo @ GDC'08

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some random mobilephone pictures

I'm back home from Xmas and New Year!
I made a panorama with my mobilephone :)
My new mobilephone 3
Sunset boulevard
Crimson Skies
Rainbows! :)
A Little Winter

Fable 2 @ GDC'08

GDC Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1

GDC Developer Walkthrough Pt. 2

GDC Developer Walkthrough Pt. 3
Fable 2 Video Diary 3 & 4
Fable 2 Video Diary 2: Combat
Fable 2 Video Diary 1: Love
Leipzig: Fable 2 Fighting System
Fable 2 procedural combat and never die
Fable 2, now with more Dogs (tm)
GDC'07: Molyneux on Fable 2
GDC'07: Molyneux on Fable 2 - Part 2
GDC'07: Molyneux Presentation Videos

Dwarf Fortress Release:

I had a swordsman sent to assassinate the high priest at the goblin fortress Skullsprofane, so I traveled over there and killed about 30 goblins, including the high priest Stozu Wickedvoice where he was sleeping in the Chapel of Ghosts. There were hardly any goblins left alive when I was done.

I went back to the human warlord, and he told me to return to Skullsprofane and kill Kutsmob Powermonstrous the goblin hammerlord. I didn’t give myself much of a chance, but I managed to break his hip… before he shattered my knee and took me apart. It was close. He and his shield were just too powerful though—it was an iron masterpiece with a leopard bone image of himself ascending to the leadership of Skullsprofane more than 1000 years before.

So I did what I usually do – start up another adventurer to try to finish the job! I tried a swordswoman and was blown apart against a wall. Then I tried a sneaky crossbowman but Kutsmob blocked most of my shots with his shield – the one that hit him in the wrist he simply pulled out and dropped as he continued to scan the area. Eventually Kutsmob lured me into the tower, after which he jumped out and hit me five times and crushed my chest in.

Then I tried an accomplished pikeman with no armor and no other skills to go for a quick killing blow, but still no luck. He was there by himself now, just waiting for more adventurers in a fortress filled with blood, rotting body parts and scattered clothing.

I figured, okay, I’ll give it one more shot, since his fifth kill will give him a name, which I’d then share with you in this story. I started up a halberdier with balanced skills, more or less like my first two adventurers. I took the task from the human warlord and set out for Skullsprofane. As I was walking toward his stronghold, the Doomed Tower of Dread, an iron bolt flew passed me. A guard! I had missed one. And there was Kutsmob, standing on top of the tower, hollering various insults about those that had come before me.

There was an opening in the fortifications through which I could rush to meet him. And I did – but when I was just a few steps away I was shot in the back. I pressed on, taking a swing, and Kutsmob leapt backward. I ran at him and another bolt shot by. I charged, slashing down… and split Kutsmob’s chest open!

All of the major organs were pierced, and he fell over wheezing. I hacked down again and again as two more bolts stuck into my body. Just as he breathed his last, I was shot in the leg and fell over. Crawling now, I made my way over to the body of Kutsmob and picked up the iron shield.

Then everything went black…
Recent Developments (Release notes)
Dreadful stories from the Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress graphic tileset package
Dwarf Fortress - 3Dwarf Visualizer (map viewer)
Fully interactive, persistent and dynamic world

Quake Live Beta coming up!

Quake Live
Phosphor, the web browser FPS

Bonesaw: The Game Released!

Download (mirror 58.8mb .rar)
Bonesaw: The Game is an indepedent 2d side-scrolling game that mixes elements from puzzle, beat-em-up, and platforming genres. The game's central theme revolves around Clarkson University, and the University's hockey team The Golden Knights.

The game does not take place at Clarkson, nor will you see levels that are taken from campus. Although these ideas came to mind, I felt that the game would be more widely accepted if the game wasn't tied down with endless inside jokes that only a handful of people would appreciate.

The player takes on the role of a lone Golden Knight who must save the rest of the team from an evil Referee who has taken them hostage in his interdimensional penalty box... in space. With over 30 levels, a ton of collectables, and some side things to do, this game will be pretty big (for a 2d, independent side scroller.)
Bonesaw: The Game

American McGee's Grimm - GDC'08 Trailer

Fez GDC'08 Trailer

Fez Teaser Trailer

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 page long Fallout 3 preview

Bethesda’s Pete Hines exclusively takes us to a new Oblivion

NVIDIA to feature PhysX on GeForce 8 series

During Nvidia's fourth-quarter financial results conference call, Nvidia shed a little more light on its acquisition of Ageia and what it plans to do with the firm's PhysX technology. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made no announcements regarding the deal until asked in the question-and-answer session, but he was happy to divulge a decent number of details.

Huang revealed that Nvidia's strategy is to take the PhysX engine and port it onto CUDA. For those not in the know, CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture, and it's a C-like application programming interface Nvidia developed to let programmers write general-purpose applications that can run on GPUs. All of Nvidia's existing GeForce 8 graphics processors already support CUDA, and Huang confirmed that the cards will be able to run PhysX.

"We're working toward the physics-engine-to-CUDA port as we speak. And we intend to throw a lot of resources at it. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if it helps our GPU sales even in advance of [the port's completion]. The reason is, [it's] just gonna be a software download. Every single GPU that is CUDA-enabled will be able to run the physics engine when it comes. . . . Every one of our GeForce 8-series GPUs runs CUDA."
GeForce 8 graphics processors to gain PhysX support

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duke Nukem Forever coming out 2008 or not?!

Webster: Ideally, we'd like to spotlight some of the projects coming out in 2008: Ghostbusters, Rage, Borderlands, and maybe it's just hopeful on my part, Duke Forever. Of course, you don't have to tell me when it's coming out. I know how...

Miller: It might make this year. We can't make any sort of official announcement. We're pushing for this year. Frankly, I think we're going to miss it by just a by a few months, but it's definitely an internal push.

Webster: That's good to hear.
Listen to Scott Miller Interview [Dallas Business Journal Sound Clip]
Listen to The Duke Nukem Forever Clusterfuck
Duke Nukem Forever coming out 2008 or not?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cooking Skill +3

Wok mix with couscous, spiced with tex mex,
shredded meat and rhode island dressing

Chorizo, lots of red onions, chili & paprika creamé fraich,
some italian tomato sauce and macaronies

Falukorv (swedish sausage), paprika, tomato puré,
tomato sauce with chili flavour, and rice