Friday, April 28, 2006

LD48: Final theme vote

The final ten themes have been singled out and voting amongst them has started:
  • Adventure Game
  • Construction
  • evolution
  • Infinite Levels (random/procedural generation)
  • Magnetism (atraction repulsion)
  • One button
  • Rotation/Revolution
  • Space
  • Swarms
  • Zombies, Pirates, or Ninjas

And to better equip yourself you might also want to check out mrfun's Guide to the Ludumdare 48 Competition. Now go vote!

I know kung-fu...

Eve Beginner Tutorial

Nintendo Wii

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another day, another try, but remember...

Alright, made it out from Mikkels office, and we now got our own settlement in the spacier, better airconditioned, and brighter room next to his. We probably stole every sofa part on the entire floor (E4), except from a few sacramental sacrifices to Mikkel of course.

Other IRL (tm) good news is that we had the janitor over here today and fixed our shower. So now we don't have to get a foot bath whenever we need some watering.

Also, my parents probably made a sweet deal and will move to Gotland to. That means I won't have to take the boat everytime I feel to visit the ol' folks ^^

Even more karma boosters came from that we made sort of a milestone on what we're currently working on for our 10p big game project, of course I can't say anything about it, being bound by the non-disclosure agreement and all.

Wouldn't want to ruin my future position in the game industry, now would I? ;)

Ludum Dare 48h gamecompo #8

That's right! It's time for the spring ludum dare!

"The 48-Hour Game Programming Competition is a "mostly from scratch", timed, solo coding challenge where all willing game developers spend their allowed time making the best game they can under a common theme.

The whole point of competing in the LD48 competition is to challenge yourself to write a game, from scratch, by yourself, in 48 hours. That's what we old-timers call the "spirit" of the competition.

If you've got a question regarding any of these rules - see whether thinking about the above statement will answer the question for you."

The competition starts at 05:00 this saturday and ends at 05:00 two days later (monday), swedish time.

sign up and more information at


"Are people leaving WoW for EVE? Recent weeks have seen a marked increase in many new EVE newbies coming from WoW, Blizzards entry in the MMO market, with over 6 million customers (March 1 press) has had the stigma of being less-than-liked from EVE capsuleers. Whilst it is normal for people to shift from MMO to MMO to find "the game" for them, its rather odd to see nearly 3-4 new capsuleers every week claiming to be a former, or even current WoW player, most of which stay after the trial.<|BRIEF|>

Eve has marginally grown steadily over the past 6 months, especially after the major yardware upgrade and the release of Red Moon Rising, has seen a marked and sudden influx of new players into the EVE-Online fold, but only recently has the marked increase of former and current WoW players been noticed.

One can only speculate at this point, and this reporter has not had the privilege, nor the ability to go into WoW and see for herself what "its all about". Whist it is true that EVE caters to a more "niche" MMO crowd, that crowd is steadily growing, wanting more of a challenge, or the sci-fi space feel, or more of an actual virtual world. A PC Gamer UK article (scans of article and other info here) about the Guiding Hand Social Club comes to mind regarding how the freedom one can take into EVE as another world to live in, complete with power-struggles, politics, behind-the-scenes manipulation, and yes, even heists.

Heresay and common talk often compare WoW as the Counter-Strike of MMO's. Whilst some say this to not be true, and others support the idea, one thing is for sure: EVE will start to have to WoW infused newcomers come into the game more and more from now on. "
Michiyo Daishi, 19th April 2006,

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Caldari Achura - 96,005 skill points

Amarr Khanid - 303,255 skill points

I love the PowerGlove, it’s so bad

PowerGlove Mouse Continued

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

Pirate Baby was created by the 26 year old australian Paul Robertson, who is a Metal Slug loving animator, with a passion for pixels. This is a animation based of games, so it's like watching 2 players playing through the game (which unfortunately don't exist), from start to finish.

The soundtrack is a form of metal-electro by the half-famous musician Cornel Wilczek, who's also from Melbourne, Australia. He himself describes his music as a struggle between the nerd and the musician, and the nerd always wins and remixes everything on the computer.

"You just *know* its going to be a classic
because it's Black and White."

Download from selectparks
Paul Robertson
Cornel Wilczek

Monday, April 24, 2006

Another ordinary day at school

Tired, early morning

Had a little accident...
(No, not really, I'm just kidding)

Now I have to spend the rest of the term in Mikkels office

Easy come, easy go, isn't that so?

Alright, I'm a genius. Trial accounts is restricted so they can't transfer money... so to transfer money from The Dopefish to Daedalus Dopefish, I decided to make a auction on a over priced crap item.

1x Tritanium (worth 2 ISK) for 500 000 ISK coming up!

Alright, I bougth two for a total of 1 000 000 ISK, sweet!

Ehmm... the money didn't get wired to Daedalus Dopefish, but got transfered to some other random newb. So I lost 1 000 000 ISK, who cares?

Atleast I still got the two pieces of Tritanium...

Daedalus Dopefish Enters Space

Daedalus Dopefish

This is the character I'll be using, and I'm actually considering to pay 10€ to change the portrait into my previous darker and more mysterious one. Now it's time to transfer all my money from my other chars to this one, and train learning skills.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm a Tortilla Man! Cooking Skill +1

Every Ship in Eve Depictured

Eve Online Player Ship Gallery

Reconsider Your Exitence

The Dopefish current skills

Newly created character

Well, I think I might decide to create a new space marine instead of The Dopefish. The Dopefish got 37 712 skill points, while a newly created character can have 303 255 skill points, or maybe even more.

Seeing that that The Dopefish's skill points is only 12,5% of the ones for a newly created character, it might be a good decision to create a new character instead.

Learning Skills

Adventures in Space, Part 1

So there I was, with my first real ship, the Tormentor, which I named Räkan (Shrimp), on a field trip to the asteroid belt in Ouelletta. Equipped with 2x EP-S Gaussian I Excavation Pulse and a 45% cargo capacity boost, I knew I would earn a neat income.

After just having half of my cargo filled up with valuable minerals, I noticed someone with a 1,000,000 bounty entered the area. "No problem" I thougth and warped out to the station... or would've if it wasn't for a huge asteroid blocking my path. "No problem, he's still a distance away" I thougth as I was making my way past the asteroid.

Red Guard

"Red Guard is scrambling your warp drives using his warp disruptor"

Well, in the next 10 seconds, my ship was disintegrated, and my pod along with it. Back at the starting station 18 jumps away from Ouelletta, I leaned back in my chair and contemplated over the situation. What had I done wrong, why didn't I make an escape and became rich on my minerals?

Well, I would've escaped if it wasn't for being stuck in a asteroid during the last moments of my ships demise, so the logical thing to do next time is to stay a bit further away than 30m from the asteroid that you're mining.

That was all that I could think of for the moment, so to know more I had to get some more information about the game... and who wouldn't know more than me if not for my nemesis?

He even gave me some good beginner tips and warned me about miners being sitting ducks and laughing stocks for pirates. Then I thanked him for the tips and swore to get my vengeance someday...


Red Guard
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II
Ship: Taranis
Security: -9.5
Corporation: Nubs.
Bounty: 1,105,000
Playtime: Approx. 1 Year

Chicken King, Cooking Skill +1

Chicken, Pommes Stripes and Salad with Onions
Spiced with Cayenne Pepper, White Pepper and Red Pepper

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Real Dopefish has Entered Eve Online

Pirat Dopefish

The Dopefish

These two characters above was created by me, in Eve Online, a independent developed space MMO. The reason why I'm not nicked just simply "Dopefish" is because there was already someone using that nick... a swedish guy... and like that wasn't enough, he's even a member in a corporation named "Ninjas and Pirates".

I mean, come on, he's surely trying to be me, something that I can't forgive him for, and hence I'll start my vendetta against him, with all the secrecy of the internet. He already got a 2½ year lead with game time and experience, but that won't let me down, and I'll soon come out as the victor from this yet to be bloody battle.

My rookie ship will force him down on his knees to beg my for mercy and forgiveness. Of course I won't give him neither, but instead make him extinct from the world of Eve. The space isn't enough for two Dopefish's....

Confined in these dreams, a parasomnia of nonentity,
a nonexistancy, I can only see the darkness that's
towering up at the edges of this void, surrounding
us, devouring us...

Lost in this surreal landscape of make-belief, I can't
help but to contemplate over this philharmonic
demise. Forged by fate, mankind is doomed to death,
and failure, and loss.

But I for one, want to break free from these chains
of the machina, this contraption that is life.

When the lines of reality is blurred, the only thing
that will remain is a disorted afterimage of the past,
reminiscence of things that once was, a broken

My hindrance is this neurological viral infection, the
haemorrage of my mind, the state of encephalitis
lethargica which from I try to break free.

But I don’t want to go among mad people...
Something else interesting happend today/tonight/this morning, while cruising around in the 0.4 (0.0-1.0 scaled) security area, I encountered a scary looking guy named Danneh, with a 1,000,000 bounty on his head.

I become somewhat intrigued to chat some with him and discuss how he managed to have such a huge price tag on his neck. All he said was that he supposedly had killed someone that didn't appreciate it very much, and then spent all of his money putting a bounty on his head.

Was nice to have someone to talk to this early morning (even if he was a wanted and insane killer), but we both had to part. I went back to mining in my high risk zone Asteroid Belt, and after selling a couple of nice harvests of Golden Omber and Pristine Jaspet I noticed that my account balance was at 1,256,242 ISK (ingame currency).

"Wow, mining sure pays off", was my first thougth, until I relized that Danneh (the insane psycho killer) had transfered the same amount of money that was the price for his head. Obviously he was fearing that I would go out after him, to collect his bounty, and this was his way of buying himself free from my deadly Rookie Ship death rays...

The Big Scam

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


"I went, it was PACKED! The booze was freee! And I loved kicking ass in Guitar Hero. They had two exclusive tracks that Red Octane made just for the event: one was the Megaman theme, and the other was an ikaria(?) theme. With such a small space, and over 200 people there, it was very long lines for the free drinks!"
Photos from last night's I AM 8-BIT opening

It's tough, studying game development, part 9

So we spent almost 24 hours, starting from 10:00 yesterday morning until around 09:00 this morning, playing Sacred over LAN. Even though I actually hate these kind of games, this is the best Hack n'Slash I've seen yet, but it's also just that and nothing more.

While playing this game, you won't probably consider the story at all, and just follow the pointer to your next target and hope you'll get to meet a dragon that you can kill. No, story isn't what keeps you playing this game, it's the fact that you're constantly getting stronger and it's always appealing to collect new items.

Due to my non-disclosure agreement, I won't be able to talk anything about the sequal for this game, but I think that's if it's atleast as good as this one, and more up-to-date (haven't seen it yet so this is just my personal speculations), it will most likely become a hit.

Todays Meal, Cooking Skill +1

Hot Dog, Baconette, and Spinach Leaf, rolled in a Tortilla Bread