Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HTC Sprint Evo 4G (Android)

Full hands-on with Sprint Evo 4G

Chatroulette Piano Improvisations

Avalanche forms new studio Expansive Worlds

"After the acquisition of the intellectual property ‘theHunter’, Avalanche Studios will focus on console and PC games based on internally created or licensed content and continued cooperation with international publishers.

Expansive Worlds will form Avalanche Studios casual and online games division with a strong focus on community-driven subscription-based titles."
New Swedish development studio formed by Avalanche Studios

Nintendo 3DS announced

"With the Nintendo DSi XL landing in the offices of the gaming press this week, Nintendo saw fit to announce its newest product in its portable line: the Nintendo 3DS.

The company gave limited details via a press release in Japan; we know the system will use two screens, won't require any sort of special glasses, and will be backwards compatible with current DS and DSi games.

The system will be released before the end of the fiscal year, which means the latest we'll see it in Japan is next March."
Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda Head Tracking DSiware demo
Nintendo's newest portable announced: the 3DS

Bitsquid and Fatshark DX11 tech demo


Thievious (Doom 3 mod)

Thievious - Moddb

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UDK GDC 2010 Development Trailer

DICE's jibes at Infinity Ward

While Infinity Wars appears to have some premium downloadable maps coming on March 30 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, DICE, too, is at work on new maps for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that are set for release on the same day.

DICE has made it no secret that they're out to best MW2, and they've taken shots at Infinity Ward in the past -- after it was revealed that MW2 wouldn't have dedicated servers, DICE released an FAQ that stated, "So rest assured PC players, Battlefield will stay true to its roots offering dedicated servers to all its players and continue the tradition of the ultimate FPS gaming experience!"

With the announcement about the new maps at the end of the month, DICE has once again knocked the competition. In addition to pointing out that releasing the new maps for free helps to prevent segmenting the community, DICE said, "It also plays a vital part in making sure you, the players get proper value for the money you've invested in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

This is why these map packs are available at no extra cost, contradicting the industry standard and what our direct competitors are doing." If that's not blatant enough for you, they went on to add, "We're dedicated to taking care of this product for a long time -- helping you avoid 'mapathy' without getting nickel-and-dimed."
Funny competition between those two, although I suspect much of Infinity Wards 'bad decisions' were made by Activision rather than themselves.

DICE Takes a Shot at "Mapathy," Free BFBC2 Maps Coming Soon

Demon's Souls sell 0.69m copies, sequel rumors?

According to VGChartz, Demon's Souls has sold 0.69m copies. That's pretty impressive considering the initial shipments of 15,000 copies, and there's still no European publisher for the game.

It's interesting how a project with such small sales forecast could turn out to be the best game I've ever played. But the reason why I'm making this post is actually something else.
"Japanese mag Dengeki has possibly teased in its latest podcast that Demon’s Souls 2 is on the way.

And it’ll be out this fall in Japan."
Here's for hoping!

VGChartz - Demon's Souls
Sony Regrets Not Publishing Demon's Souls In North America
Demon Souls 2 (maybe) teased for fall release in Japan