Friday, March 31, 2006

First batch of hardware from

Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme Music came packed with...

...Creative HS600 Headset.

AMD Atholon 64 3700+, not much to say about that.

The PSU came in it's own tool box... NEAT!

Because of everything being stacked on the poor sound card package, it turned out to look like this when I opened the package. That's one point less on the rating for Komplett, but nevermind that, the card supports a impressive 10,000 MIPS !!! (whatever that is...) and is recommended for Quake 4 by ID Software. Too bad that I don't play that game then...

The DVD-burner was also in this batch of hardware that I ordered from Komplett and I don't think it's much more to report. The PSU looked really impressive and like it would've high quality, but I'll post picture of it once I start building on the new computer, once the next batch from Datorbutiken arrives.

The Weather Wizard

The game have been out for less than two weeks, and the modding community is already exuberant with new mods and projects being released each day. One project in particular that I'm looking forward to is "The Weather Wizard", which is a content patch for Skingrad.

Read more about it here:
The Weather Wizard

US government backs Microsoft up on EU issue

Yesterday I wrote about EU's opposition against the current state of Windows Vista. Today the Wall Street Journal reports that the US government has sent a mutiple numbers of e-mails to the different members of EU. They got "essential worries" (translated to swedish, then back to english again) about EU's backlash against Microsoft.

They state that the relation between EU and MS have reached a new lowest standard, and that the EU-process isn't fair or transparent because the commissioner is withholding key-evidence about the matter.

In the e-mail they also stated that, if the evidences turn out to be genuine, it's of a great worrying for the US aswell.

Source: USA backar upp Microsoft mot EU

Alright, now I got proper hairstyles!

Boy, don't I feel stupid. I just learnt how to add eyes and hairstyles to the races by reading this:
"It took me a while to figure out, but you have to open the Eye menu and the Race menu at the same time. You can then drag and drop eye colors into the Race menu."
That's the same way you add most things in the editor, and it is rather obvious now once you know it...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Windows Vista is threatened to be banned in EU

Digital Industri, a swedish news site, wrote yesterday that Microsoft is threatened to get Windows Vista banned in EU, if they don't obligate to follow the free competition rules . EU's open market commissioner Neelie Kroes wrote a formal letter to Microsoft, where he stated that the OS won't be accepted into EU if it doesn't include options to choose other software providers for the applications that's shipped with the OS.

For example, if you cannot uninstall Internet Explorer or the provided MS Antivirus, and replace them with Mozilla Firefox and Norton Antivirus, then it's obviously a act of preventing competition.

Personally, I think it would be the best thing that could happend if Windows Vista got banned. When I buy a OS, I wanted to be free to use it for whatever I want, not restricted by system barriers that Microsoft tries to fool us are in our best interest.

Windows Vista is shipped with Microsofts own Digital Rights Management software, that prevents anything that don't got the clearence code in the software, to not be able to run or install, successfully killing backwards compatibility with old hardware that don't have updated drivers.

Direct X 10 will also be Vista exclusive, meaning that we won't be able to play the games (DX10 games) we want on any other OS than Vista, not even Windows XP. Microsoft wants total control over your computer, something that atleast I feel it's the user who should have the control, and don't get a error like "Sorry, you cannot do that", because it doesn't follow Microsofts ideal of computing.

Hopefully, EU will actually do something more than just write them a "Angry, angry letter, telling you how very angry we are".

EU hotar förbjuda Vista

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Finished Class: Stalker

Beware the stalkers, fear the darkness!
The shadows that betray, the jaws that bite,
the claws that catch!

How to fix the introduction part to work with a new race

I'm currently working on a new race, a new birthsign and a new class for Oblivion, but I noticed something strange when I tried to create a new character with the race I was working on. For some reason the game script didn't start, so I looked into the problem, and I found out that they got a check for which race you've chosen for the dialogue in the beginning, and hence, the race I've just created wasn't specified.

This is how I solved it:
  1. In the TES Construction Set, under the 'Character' menu, choose 'Filtered Dialogue'.

  2. In the Dialogue window, choose ValenDreth under the filters. He's the prisoner that's talking to you in the beginning, and the one that's causing trouble with the introduction script.

  3. Click 'Conversation' and select 'CharGenTaunt2' under 'Editor ID'. Now you'll see a list with all the dialogue he has for the introduction part.

  4. Scroll through the dialogue, and find a text where he don't mention any races, for example;

    "You know, my time's almost up. Pretty soon I'll be free, and you'll still be stuck in this rat hole, waiting for your execution."

  5. Right click on it and choose copy. Now you should have a duplicate right next to it. The * is the duplicate, and it defines that it's been modified by the user (created in this case).

  6. Down under 'Result Script' you'll find;

    set characterGen.tauntCount to characterGen.tauntCount + 1

    this one stands for; whenever he says the line ("You know, my time's..."), it will add 1 to characterGen.tauntCount. Whenever characterGen.tauntCount reaches 3, the guards will start walking towards you cell, so go ahead and change it to:

    set characterGen.tauntCount to characterGen.tauntCount + 3

    This will make him say this one line, and then the guards will come. Usually he says three lines...

  7. Now it's time to fix the 'Conditions', which are the ones that's currently causing trouble for us. Select:

    GetIsRace Race: 'DarkElf'' == 1.00

    and "Race: 'DarkElf'" under Function Parameters and change DarkElf to the race you've created, in this case "Demon".

  8. The last thing we need to change before saving and testing it out ingame is this one:

    GetQuestVariable Quest: 'Charactergen', tauntCount == 1.00

    Which is the "characterGen.tauntCount":er we mentioned above. Right now it's set to "1.00", which is the second line his says because the counter default is "0.00". We'll need it to be "0.00" or else he won't say anything at all once we try it out in game, so go ahead and edit it:

    GetQuestVariable Quest: 'Charactergen', tauntCount == 0.00

  9. Press OK and save the changes, then try it out in the game. Start a new game and at the character creation screen, choose the race you've created (Demon in this case, or the name for Demon). If you've done everything correctly, the prisoner in the cell on the opposite side of your should start saying:

    "You know, my time's almost up. Pretty soon I'll be free, and you'll still be stuck in this rat hole, waiting for your execution."

    and then

    "Hey, you hear that? The guards are coming... for you! He he he he he."

    which would be followed by the guards coming to your cell, and that would mean we've fixed the introduction script for your new race. Congrats!

Det är ändå såsen som gör en fet

Swedish falukorv (a kind of sausage) and tagliatelle with cheese sauce

Half-Life 2 Done Quick

One and a half year late, here it finally is, the Half-Life 2 Done Quick speedrun. A collaborated effort by many people. A group I was around with the first month or two, but then left because my interest for Half-Life 2 speedrunning failed me. But I'm still in the credits :D

Half-Life 2 Done Quick - High Quality (torrent) (1.5gb)
Half-Life 2 Done Quick - Medium Quality (torrent) (780mb)
Half-Life 2 Done Quick - Medium Quality (filefront) (780mb)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My First Oblivion Screenshot

Playing around with the TES4 Construction Set, I've so far managed to create my own race and my own spells. The above screenshot represents the new race with a nice looking sword and armor. Hopefully, within two weeks I'll be able to crank up the graphic settings to a max :)

Games brainwashes kids into killers

This clip reminds me of when I got my first game console, Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). Probably the happiest moment of my life, I was so glad that I cried.

Daddy's got a brand new bag

  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2GHz Socket 939, 1MB, BOXED with fan
  • Memory: Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2 2x1024Mb (tot. 2048Mb/2Gb) Dual DDR PC3200 400Mhz CL2
  • Graphic: Gainward BLISS GeForce 7900GT 256Mb DDR3 TV-out DUAL DVI SLI-ready RETAIL PCI Express
  • Harddrive: Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6V300F0 300Gb 7200rpm 16Mb SATA2
    Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6V300F0 300Gb 7200rpm 16Mb SATA2
    Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6V300F0 300Gb 7200rpm 16Mb SATA2
  • Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT nF4-D nForce4 4DDR-DIMM 2PCI 4PCIe SATA Audio GB-LAN Firewire Socket939 ATX
  • DVD: NEC DVD-brännare ND-3550 IDE Silver OEM DVD+R/+RW/DVD-R/-RW
  • Sound: Creative SB X-Fi Extreme Music incl. headset
  • Chassi: Thermalrock CIRCLE Super Miditower/Fulltower ATX without PSU
  • PSU: Hiper Type-R 580W Svart, Dual Fan, Silent 18db, 4xSATA, ATX, SLI
Price: 16 291 SEK (2,100$) (incl. shipping and 25% value added tax)

Oblivion Construction Set

So my thief somehow turned out to be quite ambivalent. I don't think it's supposed for thiefs to wear heavy armor and two-hand swords... something about becoming over encumbered and not being able to steal as much as you want. So I decided I wanted to reroll a new char, but I didn't want to loose absolutely everything by doing so. My solution is TES4 Construction Set which enable me to mod the game, and I might even start modding it more afterwards.

TES4 - Oblivion Construction Set Wiki
TES4 - Oblivion Construction Set (6.5mb)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Nogg-aholic the Movie shown at Inferno Online

It's with great pleasure I must say that Nogg-aholic the Movie just keeps on getting more and more spread, with over 55 000 downloads from Warcraftmovies. The latest I've heard was from a friend in class, who were at Inferno Online (one of the biggest IT-café in Scandinavia) a day ago, where they showed the full 45 minutes and 45 of it for everyone there.

I forgot to ask if it was in Stockholm or Norrköping, but I'm still really happy to hear that people appreciate it and care enough to show it at such a big organization as Inferno Online. The peak would be if they decided to show it at Dreamhack (with 5000-6000 people), but that's very unlikely, mostly because their big screen is booked up for competitions and sponsor.

Also worth mentioning is that the forum users for the Nogg-aholic forum ( is close to a thousand now. That's really impressive for a self-driven community that got created from a fan-made movie.

Inferno Online
Nogg-aholic the Movie

Lag and Latency Reduction Technology

Bigfoot Networks have a dream, they want to fight lag. For this dream, they've recieved $4 million in funding. Their weapon of choice is a PC add-on card with a custom designed Gaming Network Processor using LLT technology. Planned to show up at E3 this year and have their first network card released sometime this summer.

Online Gaming Lag (pdf)
Bigfoot Networks Interview
Introducing LLR Technology
Gaming startup aims to eliminate lag with $4m

What is amBX?

amBX stands for ambient experiences, and it's as far I can tell, a set of peripherals such as rumble packs, lamps, speakers and even a fan. If developers add support for amBX to their games, using amBX own scripting language, and the player have amBX peripherals in his room, he will see all sorts of blinking and a fan that constantly goes on and off.

But I, that likes cool lighting, must admit that the lamps looks really cool, and they might be able to actually add to the gaming experience.

What is amBX?
Total immersion experience (wmv)

Have you been Starforced?

New DirectX 10 Crysis Preview

The realtime ambient map was stunning. The quality of the new preview is available with better quality than pictured above, over at Game Trailers.

Game Trailers - Crysis

Nvidia <3 Havok

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, and Havok, the game industry's leading supplier of cross-platform middleware, will be demonstrating a physics effects solutions that runs completely on a graphics processing unit (GPU)- an industry first- at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California (March 21st through 24th).

The result of an ongoing engineering collaboration between Havok and NVIDIA, this new software product from Havok—called Havok FX™—enables the simulation of dramatically-detailed physical phenomenon in PC games, powered by NVIDIA GeForce®7 or 6 Series GPUs and amplified with NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU technology. The Havok FX product is currently in early release to select developers and is expected to be generally available this summer.

Through Havok FX, GPUs can simulate the interactions of thousands of colliding rigid bodies, a fundamental technique of physics computation seen in today’s latest games. It’s now possible to compute the components of friction, collisions, gravity, mass, and velocity that form the basis of rigid body physics. Havok FX is designed for GPUs supporting Shader Model 3.0, including the NVIDIA GeForce 6 and 7 Series GPUs.

Utilizing Havok FX and NVIDIA graphics technology, game developers can now implement sophisticated physical phenomenon such as debris, smoke, and fluids that add immense detail and believability to game environments. Game designers can include advanced physics effects without burdening the CPU and slowing game-play, since the effects are simulated and rendered on the GPU.

Tyler Thompson, Technical Director of video game developer Flagship Studios states, “With Havok FX, we can explore new types of visual effects that add realism into Hellgate: London. Given the widespread installed base of GPUs and the incredible performance of the new NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX and GT GPUs, Havok FX was a natural choice.”

“We are very excited about the quality and speed we are seeing on the NVIDIA GPUs. We’ve believed for some time that GPU technology had the potential to simulate physical effects and our collaboration with NVIDIA has proven that,” says Jeff Yates, VP of Product Management at Havok. “The large installed base of Shader Model 3 class GPUs and NVIDIA’s momentum in the market make Havok FX an attractive solution for game developers looking for hardware-accelerated physics.”

“Moving physics processing to the GPU is a natural progression enabled by the high programmability in today’s GPUs,” said David Kirk, chief scientist at NVIDIA. “By combining expertise with Havok, we have produced a fantastic solution for game developers that will lead to more compelling game-play and more realistic gaming experiences.”

The award-winning NVIDIA GeForce 7 and GeForce 6 graphics architectures deliver advanced technologies including full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, enabling advanced shading programs for more realistic effects. By using the advanced programmable resources available in current GPUs, developers can harness the massive parallel computation capability of NVIDIA GPUs. The performance available to developers is further enhanced through NVIDIA SLI technology. This revolutionary platform innovation allows users to intelligently scale graphics performance by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in a single system with an NVIDIA nForce® SLI MCP.

-Havok press release, 20th March, 2006

Is it only me, or is the vortex demo using the same area and engine as in In-game character abuse that I posted some day ago?


The most fun I had with Doom 3

This is probably the most pointless thing I've done in a game. With Doom 3 came a physic test map, where you were supposed to destroy a tower of bricks and watch them fall... well, I had other ideas on my mind and wanted to see if you could actually climb the tower to the top... and so I did. By carefully moving around the bricks with guns and fists, I created sort of spiral stairs all the way to the top. One of the great achivements of... ehmm... well it was fun atleast.

Nintendo Revolution (GO?) will fit in your pocket

As with the handle attached on the Gamecube, Nintendo are aiming for making it easy to move and connect their game consoles anywhere. This comparision picture shows how small the Revolution actually is, and with this I can say it will definetly fit well inside my pocket.

Phantom Hourglass and Nintendo Keynote

Along with Game Developers Conference 2006, comes one of the best secrets of the year; The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. A cross breed between A link to the past and Wind Waker for the handheld Nintendo DS. When this one is released, I can finally stop playing Bubble Bobble Classic (which I by the way made it to level 63 without any continues).

Check below for a downloadable movie and the Nintendo keynote reportage from Joystiq...

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (mov)
GDC: The Nintendo keynote blow by blow

Ageia Phys-X Released

Even though the card has gone gold and is shipping with complete computers from Alienware, Dell and Falcon Northwest, it won't show up in retail until sometime around May, when there's more games released that supports the hardware.
"Interested conference goers were able to get their hands on a playable Cell Factor multiplayer shooter demo in the Ageia booth. Developed by Artificial Studios, the Cell Factor demo featured a multilevel fuel station map filled with boxes, pipes, cloth, shipping containers, and a handful of vehicles. Players could use "psi" powers, Star Wars Force-like effects, to toss around objects and even each other."
-Gamespot, 24th March, 2006

So far as I can tell, every game using either the Reality Engine or Unreal 3 Engine will have embedded support for the Phys-X chip. Currently two top titles that's featuring Phys-X is Unreal Tournament 3 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and you can be sure it's more to come. This might be the same revolution for computer gaming hardware as 3dfx was back in the good old days.


Large Scale Destruction by Airtight Games
Metal Bending by Airtight Games
Bet on Soldier by Kiloton
Cell Factor by Artificial Studios
Monster Madness by Artifical Studios

GDC 06: Next-gen physics in full force
Q&A: Epic Games' Tim Sweeney on Ageia PhysX

"Ageia plans to bundle the demo [Cell Factor] with its PhysX cards with a full collection of mod tools to let players explore and modify the code behind the physics."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's happening?

Alright, I was awake 48 hours yesterday and the day before that (2 days), spending the first day on preparing for our speech about F.E.A.R. and eye-tracking yesterday, which was by the way, totally improvised, and we finished the material at the site.

After that I had to listen to the other groups speeches, and I think I accidently fell asleep when we were supposed to give feedback to one of the groups. But as far as I can remember from their speech, it wasn't much to comment on except from being fine, or is it that I don't remember much from it...

Well after school I finally got home and was supposed to go to sleep... but for some reason I managed to get The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, to magically appear on my computer instead... so I spent like 13 hours in a row playing that game, which is running suprisingly smooth on our laptops with only a Radeon 9800 equipped.

Of course I had a break and mate minced eat with rice and watched the latest episode of Lost while eating it. But I didn't stop playing Oblivion until it crashed for probably the 200th time.

So recent news that I was supposed to post about on my blog then?

Well, we have the just announced The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS (thank god I own a DS) and Game Developers Conference running as I write. Damn you Jacob for going there without telling me...

More news is that Ageia has finally released their Phys-X card, along with a couple of trailers that's definetly worth their attention. I'll probably write about all this when I get time over... time that I don't spend on Oblivion that is... kkthxbye gotta go!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In-game character abuse

"Abusing video game characters can have violent repercussions."

Battlefield 2142 is confirmed

"Hi BF fans,

Today we have some really big news to share with you. The more sniper-eyed of you out there will probably already know, but we're currently hard at work developing "Battlefield 2142", which is scheduled for release this Autumn. As you'll have guessed, this is a departure for the BF series as we're going into the future - something that a lot of you wanted to see happen in the BF universe.

We're creating a ton of cool features that you won't have seen in any BF before, including cloaking devices, mines that follow you, awesome new rifles, guns and grenades, and of course, MECHS! We're developing this here in DICE Stockholm while the DICE Canada studio will be hard at work on a 1.3 update for Battlefield 2, as well as the Armoured Fury Booster Pack.

There'll be an "official" press release later on this week but we know that you guys need to know first. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted on how 2142 is coming along.

The BF2142 Team

P.S. Snoken - vi har sett fram emot Mine 2 och kan lugnt säga att vi inte blev besvikna!"
-EA, Community Update, 21st March, 2006

The usual mix

Broccoli, croquets and Chorizo

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MechCommander 2 Source Code Release

Five year after the release, Microsoft decides to release the source code for MechCommander 2, free online. The source package weigths in on 1069 MB, which means it can't only be source code, but all the content is probably included to. Could this be a new market strategy for Microsoft to improve their image?

Download Source Code

Battlefield 2142, Real or April?

There's something strange about the leaked May issue of PC Gamer. First of all we can read on top of the front page that they have "world exclusive review" of Oblivion which was released yesterday. How would they be able to have it "world exclusively" 2 months after the release?

Second of all, it seems strange for that specified issue being leaked when Aprils issue isn't even out yet (if I haven't totally missed something). And thirdly, April Fools Day isn't far away from now.

But download the supposedly leaked pages from the May issue of PC Gamer below, including two pages from the same issue with a scoop about Half-Life 2: Episode 1. Also there's supposedly a leaked trailer for Battlefield 2142 over at Game Trailers. Watch and judge for yourself.

PC Gamer May Issue Scans
Battlefield 2142 Game Trailers

Saturday, March 18, 2006



Animated remake

3D animated cog wheel by Nim and final video by me

Machinimation (The animated remake by me and Nim)

Pure Pwnage 10 made me a poser

What would a blog about me be without the occasional picture of myself?

EA will finally acquire DICE

EA became the biggest shareholder of DICE in 2003, when they had 18,9% (1 911 403 B stocks) of the company. November 15th, 2004, EA Holding, made a offer to the outstanding stock holders, to acquire the rest of the A stocks for 61,00 SEK per stock (around 7.97$).

After that EA had acquired 67,9% of the stocks for DICE and have warrent for a further 2 327 602 A stocks. That would mean EA would own 73,0% of DICE through stock shares, a status quo that on sight may have negative impact on DICE.

Because of this, EA offered DICE to merge with EA Holding and give them right to their development tools, technology and financial resources. After considering the options DICE has, their entire board have agreed on the offer and it will help them with their transition to game consoles and next-gen platforms.

This is required by DICE in rate with the increasing cost for developing a game and the increasingly severe competition on the market. EA Holding will acquire all DICE resources and debts, during the merge that will be held in September this year.

For more information, read here (Swedish)
EA to complete DICE takeover

Personal comments: First of all, I'm sorry for the crude translation from DICE press release, and my lacking knowledge about the stock market. Secondly, I would like to point out that EA have been trying to takeover DICE since 2003, if not even earlier than that, and DICE has repeatedly declined their offers.

The current situation looks almost like a extortion of the company, forcing DICE to hand themself over to EA. And thirdly, I would like to say it's frightening that no matter what, a opposition who is wealthy enough, can acquire anything they want.

And of course, I could be completely wrong about all this, and my translation above may have hundreds of errors in it... but hopefully I've reported the current situation good enough.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shadowrun for the Xbox 360

One of the best games of all time, that never got a sequal, might just have on in the works for Xbox 360.

Apperantly, a artist by the name Kevin K Hanna, wrote in his resumé about working on Shadowrun for FASA Studios.

When reading through his resumé, all I could find was "Unannounced project (X-Box 360) 2005" and nothing that clearly said "Shadowrun" in it, so don't get too excited just yet.

Shadowrun will reappear next gen as launch title for the next Microsoft system. The co-creator of the Shadowrun universe Jordan Weisman (and founder of FASA) is working closely with Bungie to make the game. The game is a reworked version of the failed "Project Phoenix" as it literally rose from the grave in its re-birthed form of Shadowrun after being canned by MS to focus on Halo 2 development. A skeleton crew second team (comprised mostly of the old Oni team) is doing the work for now. Several FASA employees have visited Bungie's studios recently while work begins on FASA's next title also slated for the next MS console code named Xenon.
-GameDreamZ rumor
I have worked on many projects, ranging from PC games to console, FPS to role-playing. Right now, I am animating for an Xbox 2 project called Shadowrun. It's a first-person shooter based on an old paper RPG of the same name from a couple decades ago.
-Theron Berson

Shadowrun downloads:

Shadowrun (SNES Rom)
Snes9x v1.43 final (SNES Emulator)
ZSNES v1.42 (SNES Emulator)
Shadowrun 2nd City (mid)

FASA Studio
Artist's Resumé Confirms Shadowrun is in the Works
Shadowrun in Development for the Xbox 360
Microsoft Applies for Shadowrun Trademark

Saturday, March 11, 2006

When you know you've done a too good job

Ok, for all you skeptics. (The full true story).
I Come over his house to hang out. His roomate was sitting on the couch, watching tv with the dog, and i asked, where's Derek, and she said in his bedroom. So i go to the back, and his door WAS shut. I slowly opened it, and he yells at me before i could even get it fully open, "GET OUT, im changing!.. i'll be out in a minute". So I said alright. So i run back into the living room, tell his roomate that we should catch him changing on film as a joke. So she hands me her video camera, cause she was too chicken to do it. Turns out, he's doing a bit more than that. To answer why he continued after he knew i was at his house.. i have NO clue.. he's just a sicko i guess, and two, why was it to a night elf?.. you know, some people just have their own problems. So, we got in this huge fight afterward, and he said some pretty messed up things to me, and kicked me out of his house for ever. decided to end our friendship. So, as revenge, i took the tape when i left, and decided to put it up on here. I guess thats what you get. and thats the true full story. oh, and just to piss him off even more, here is his myspace acccount-
xnerdrawkerx, March 07, 2006, 03:41 PM
I don't know if the artists at Blizzard should be proud or ashamed of themself, either way it's always interesting to see how much games can affect ones life. Warning, the video below can feel somewhat disturbing for some people, but most will just find it tragicomical.

Nerd Plays W.O.W.