Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cooking Skill +1 (husman edition)


Teddy said...

MUMS! Att jag missade detta :(

Dopefish said...

Kristofer var sjuk resten av veckan efter att ha ätit. Kanske hängde ihop? ;)

Richard Grove said...

That looks good! Not a bad job.

Balidor ElRenon said...

HI, nice website, don´t know how I found it, guess it seems to have something to do with eve :)

Would you mind if you write the recipes or just what the meal contains to the pictures?

Gorgonzolasauce for noodles:

Diced onion and ham dices are sauted in oil, give garlic to it and mushrooms. Put the gorgonzola in the pan and add the same amount cream to it. Add basil, oregano, majoram and estragon to it. Slightly spice it with white pepper, salt and chili.

Balidor ElRenon

Dopefish said...

Sorry for my late reply. I used to write the ingredients, but it became tedious after awhile. But feel free to request the recipe for any of the meals and I'll be sure to provide you with it :)

I'll be sure to try out your recipe to!

Balidor ElRenon said...

you can make the sauce without chili, too I guess, gorgonzola has a quiet strong aroma for it self.
Spices and herbs mostly should be added at the end of the cooking, some aromates will be destructed by heat.
Sometimes if you make "hot" meals you can add some honey, depends on the other ingredients,...sometimes i use some cinnamon as addition to curry(know some currys have c. in them - but not all),..
the recipe for cooking skill+5 could be interesting, these thin squares of dough and between the filling seems to be interesting.
btw: nice picture, i have a cat *.*