Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just want to spread the word of

Every morning before getting ready to make sure my team is on track with development I sit down, put on my sexy voice and do a quick recording.

Before really seriously persuing anything in this industry I realized that before I even thought to come here and expect anything out of this industry I better find a way to contribute something to it.

Industry Broadcast seemed like as good an idea as any other so I went out contacted 30 or 40 of thetop minds and with the support of some great developers started recording.
-Ryan Wiancko, Creative Engineer at Netflow Developments LTD


Ryan said...

Appreciate the post, thanks a bunch for your suppor.. Motivated me to get out a mug of tea and record another one :)


Dopefish said...

Hey, anytime! :D
I consider the audio recordings to be insightful and having lots of good tips :)