Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mirror's Edge time trial in Stockholm

Well, this was unexpected and quite enjoyable. Today, I've been in Stockholm to dine with my visiting parents. I arrived early at the central station, so I had time enough to stroll around for a bit, when I noticed they were just about to start a contest in Mirror's Edge.

Of course I had to sign up!

I had absolutely no clue about what the challenge was going to be, and it turned out to be a time trial (which I've never played), on the level Playground One, which I've only passed by twice in the campaign mode and hadn't really any memory of its layout.

Fortunately, two people were ahead of me so I got the chance to see the map, and then I was announced to come up to the stage. "That was a really good time that last guy got, do you think you'll be able to beat it?", asked the commentator.

The guy before me had been there earlier that day for the same competition, and it looked like he was certain of his way through the map, so honestly I had no idea if I actually would beat him, even though I saw that his run was flawed. So I tried being humble with saying "Well, I actually got no idea, but it looks pretty hard".

It was a bit awkward using a PS3 controller, and you had to look at a angled TV on the floor, which was screwing up your perspective a bit, and I turned out to be soo nervous/excited that my legs were shaking while standing there. I managed to get a time of 01:02:something... approximately 30 seconds better than the guy before me.

There's a reason why I don't try being modest anymore when it coems to competing against others... I just end up being an sarcastic jackass if I beat them badly. So I was a bit embarrassed when walking off the stage, and when it turned out that no one even got a time close to the guy before me... which meant that I ended up winning :S

I won't say what the price was, since I'm intending to give it away as an Xmas present, but it was definitely worth it :)

Below is an attached video of the same route as I took, with someone that got around the same time I got, even though my delays were caused by stopping to look around for the way rather than failing jumps.

Mirror's Edge - Time Trial DLC pack


Tymlis said...

I've never had the chance to play Mirror's Edge but you mean that you actually made it 30s faster on a final time of 1mn ? That's pretty impressive, nicely done

Dopefish said...

Yes, but I think it's just because the other guys were more nervous than I was :)

chrizzle said...

gratz man!

Reachground said...


Så...vad får jag i julklapp?

Dopefish said...

*host* kanske fixar något medans jag är på Gotland och firar med föräldrarna ;)

Så vad önskarn herrn sig då? Kommer tidigast kunna byta klappar vid nyår dock :D

calle said...

seriously !!111one
mycket imponerande! Jag kunde se hela scenen framför mig när jag läste det haha!
Ha de bra / Calle aka. reGiNo-