Monday, January 26, 2009

Uppsala Reball

Played Reball for the first time today. It's like paintball, except you use rubber balls that don't break instead of paintballs. It was alot of fun, here's some stats:

Hit statistics:
1 on the top of my head
1 on the visor
1 on my cheek
1 behind my left shoulder
3 on my arms
1 on my thumb
5 on the chest
3 on my sides

Total: Hit 16 times

1 sacrifice run (2 vs 1 situation)
1 rush (resulted that I got hit 6 times after reaching the middle)
3 base captures
1 "knife" kill
1 field crawl (from one side to the other behind the long cover)
1 getting flanked (not a good thing)

Here's a video of other people playing at the same arena we used today:

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