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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gotland 48 Hours Game Jam - Day 1

- Getting RPG Maker XP
- Learning how to change fonts in RPG Maker XP
- Downloading and changing to 8-bit Limit font
- Asking Zeke to make Atari-esque 8-bit character sprites
- Recieved lowresdude.png from Zeke
- Fixed size and positioning in lowresdude.png
- Made alternatives for lowresdude.png with the character completly white and black
- Theme is "This place will never be big enough for both of us", which reminds of another Game Jam that had "As long as we're together we'll never run out of problems"
- Restrictions: "Multiplayer co-op" >_< (Not the best restriction for RPG Maker games) - Decided to go for a hot seat kind of game (turn based multiplayer at the same keyboard) - Trying to learn how to switch character based on steps taken - Need to figure out how to create a loop that checks for steps taken - Making progress, I can now run events based on how many steps the player has taken, but the problem now is to reset that counter - Problem solved with a modulo expression - Scripted refined and is working perfectly (player switch every 10 steps, including message and variables that tells which the current player is) - Got first test of music from Nurykabe (from Knytt Stories fame) - Cleared out RPG game specific menus from Scene_Menu in the script editor - I'm in need of an graphics artist that can help me out with an 8-bit esque tileset to use


Mstrp said...

Great work Dopefish! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result.

Norswap said...

I was looking into RPG Maker recently. Is the XP version better than the VX ?

I also started a little game using PureBasic which has nice libraries for games.

Anyway, good luck with your project :)