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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Airmod (Unreal Tournament 3 mod)

Airmod - Moddb


72 said...

Greetings from Mexico! Just found your blog (coming from a link I clicked by mistake :P) and it is great what you have here.

"Formerly studying the third year in Game Development...", did you leave University? How was the approach to Game Development, did you find it useful?
Being at a LatinAmerican country, I would kill for a chance to study that career @ University... just curious. : )

Dopefish said...

"Currently employed as Quality Assurance at Starbreeze."

Yes, I left in the beginning of my third year since I got a job in the game industry instead. :)

But yeah, if you intend to study, I really recommend studying game development, but it´s equally important that you work and study it on your spare time.

Anonymous said...

Say dopefish, do you know what song it is that starts at 00:33? i seem to remeber it from one of your movies.

donald said...

Wopsiefuckindo, here is the link, much appreciated if u can tell me, thanks.

Dopefish said...

Oh damn, I recognize that song aswell, but I can't figure out the name of it atm ^^

Unfortunatly it wasn't featured in any of my movies, but I'm sure some other exploration movie had this song in it :)

donald said...

Damn that was fast. Oh well thanks anyways for the response :)