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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cooking Skill +0.5 - The story about the fish

Found a bowl with berries in the fridge. Open lid and see only a white fur/spores growing up. I think they were gathering strength to lift the lid themselves and escape. Oh well, let's try to eat some bread instead. Wth, molded.

Damn it to hell, I jinxed me-self! The only edible stuff in the freezer was fish. There's a reason why I hadn't eaten it already... I hate fish...

I don't even know how it's supposed to look like when it's done ó_Ò

Guess I might have overcompensated with the french fries due to my abnormal fear of fish. And the worst thing of all, it actually taste good!

Probably the best fish I've had since I ate fish sticks as a kid. Not accounting for sushi though. The small amount of fish were Alaska Pollock. Need to remember that they are edible :)


Forsoki said...

Haha thanks for a laugh :) Looks edible ^^

Dopefish said...

Of course it's edible. It's just a shit load of fries, and a very minor amount of fish beneath that mountain ^^

I'm happy if I can brighten anyone's day up with my misfortunes :)