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Friday, October 08, 2010

Cooking Skill +1


Anonymous said...

So, what it is ?

Dopefish said...

Fry bacon and champignons until they get some color, throw in the minced meat and keep frying. When it starts to look good, you pour in parmesan and garlic creamé fraich, mixing it with "kapris" (small green round things). Spice everything with some black pepper.

Served with pasta, cucumber and feta cheese ;(

magnus said...

Oh, parmesan/vitlöks-creme fraiche visste jag inte ens att det fanns :O Låter som ett givet val i köttfärssåsen!
Du gör mig inspirerad till att laga mat :)

(det heter Capers på engelska ;P)

Dopefish said...

Capers! Tack så mycket! ^^

Ja, parmesan/vitlök är ny, så jag var ju tvungen att testa med något :)