Thursday, August 24, 2006

Leipzig: Fable 2 Fighting System

Download video


Perdita said...

Are you in Leipzig atm? :)

Dopefish said...

Nope, but there's a game convention going on over there :)

Perdita said...

Guess why I was asking? :)

I thought you are game-addicted enough to travel there.

A friend is working on the GC at the moment. If there is something you want to know - I can try to ask him. It's a bit difficult to reach him these days but maybe I be lucky

He makes daily reportages together with THQ but you would probably don't understand - it's in german :(

Dopefish said...

Thanks, but I don't got any rush and everything will be announced eventually :)

We'll see, maybe sometime in the future I'll have enough money and time to visit a game convention ;)