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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Among Fables and Men

Sleep breakdown

Friday-Saturday: 4 hours of sleep
Saturday-Sunday: 0 hours of sleep
Sunday-Monday: 3 hours of sleep
Tuesday-Wednesday: 0 hours of sleep
It's now available for streaming through the Fabled Few Contest Page. Be sure to vote for it aswell! :D

The Fabled Few Contest Page
The Fabled Few - Time to crunch!


Snobaste said...

I'm not gonna lie... that was the single COOLEST work of machinima I have ever seen. It was so abstract and different; definitely the most unique video out of any for the contest.

Again, all I have to say is: Amazing! Absolutely amazing! A work of art :)

Dopefish said...

Yay! ^^

BaronSoosdon said...

I think Sno said it all, this is a true groundbreaker and a work of art in machinima.

A more or less wise man once said: "MORE MORE MORE MORE!"

Bullshitmaster said...

omg that's so cool :o *watches it for the 3rd time* XD

Nurykabe said...

Great work !!


Ricky Grove said...

A singular work of art in machinima. Wonderful work.

Hey, dopefish, I sent you a message via Stage 6 about setting up a premiere even for this film at, but I can't seem to retrieve my messages there. Would you mind contacting me at Jason Choi, Ingrid Moon and myself want to feature your film and set up an intereview, etc.

Thanks, and great,great work!

Ricky Grove