Friday, January 04, 2008

Caffeine gums and no San Francisco

The caffeine gums taste like crap, and I don't believe it has any effect on me anyhow. So, I've decided not to go to Game Developers Conference this year either, so I'm spending all my money on clothes, computer parts and the payment for my HDV camera (which I've barely used yet, but the time will come for that).

Also, I will have money left to travel somewhere and visit someone if I want (and is invited of course). Think I'll have to do a photoshoot with all the new clothes I've bought (which were cheap now the weeks after Xmas). Way to go narcissism!

As seen on the picture above, I've gotten myself a neato Esport t-shirt, and some nice hardware that I hope will improve my headshotting. Decided to start playing some Counter-Strike again, and will perhaps record some footage to make a submission to the Own-age video editing contest.

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Snobaste said...

Hooray for lewts! :D I Just got myself a Logitech G9... see you're a Razer guy :P

And hooray for Counter-Strike! Somehow I've found it more addictive than WoW...