Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Martial Arts skill +3

Last Thursday, I tried some Wushu. Last Sunday, there was this showreel of different arts/sports as shown in the movie, and yesterday I tried Shorinjikempo, which were the art that was the most fun and impressed me the most.

But that combined with floorball today, volleyball tomorrow, and the next Shorinjikempo training on Thursday, will result in one sore geek. Please feel free to share your sympathy with me in the comments.


Norswap said...

The item sympathy has been added to my shared folder.

BTW, a geek doing so much sport, it's a bit like the Dalaï-Lama playing Unreal Tournament :o

shirochan said...

Martial arts, huh? Well you have guts. The closest I ever got to a martial arts class was one time when I saw an empty room and a punch bag in the middle. I was unable to stop myself from doing my best battle cry and headbutting the punch bag. Ah, good times... but anyway, hopefully you're not that sore. :D