Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good morning :)

Wow, I almost broke my old record in sleeping today. Went to bed 19 hours ago and just woke up. And I haven't even been to Dreamhack and stayed up 4 days straight this time :o

Luckily, if I get hungry, there's food in the 'Mat på Jobbet'-fridge in the office.

Ahh, now I realized what the reason could be! I blame the caffeine gum, since I became awfully tired after chewing it yesterday, and I had another one not long before I went to bed.

When I was a kid, I got sedatives so they could stitch up a wound I've managed to bring upon myself, and it had the reverse effect on me. So, it's not impossible it works the other way around for bracing drugs as caffeine.

More that points to this, is the fact that the day where I drank all the energy drinks to stay awake and work on Among Fables and Men, were also one of the two days I fell asleep (the other day was me being awake two days prior).

And my last point of proof, is that whenever I go to a dentist and is supposed to get sedatives/anaesthetics, so that they can drill, it usually doesn't have any effect on me.

I just remembered, for a couple of years ago, I had a terrible cough (since I seldom get sick, when I do get sick its pretty bad), so I got this cough medicine called Cocillana, which even though it had morphene in it, I was able to drink it like water (not the same amount as it would've been water, but rather it had the same effect as it would've been water).

When my mom tried a spoon of it, she became dizzy for three days.

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