Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Arkane Studios is looking for new talents

After the development of « Dark Messiah of Might and Magic » and « Arx Fatalis », ARKANE STUDIOS is continuing to develop new game concepts which offer huge liberty to players with a strong immersion into unique and realistic universes.

We’re currently working with ELECTRONIC ARTS on an unannounced AAA title (for Xbox360, PS3 and PC – developed with Unreal Engine 3), and we are looking for the following profiles to empower our Team in Lyon (France) :
- Lead Programmer
- Senior Gameplay Programmers
- AI Programmer
- Gameplay Level Designers
- Environment Level Designers
- 3D Artists
If you want to know more about these jobs and our company, you can contact me directly.

Romuald Capron


Norswap said...

I hope they'll still need AI programmers in 5 five years ^^
And I loved Dark Messiah Of Might and Magic :) Must be a good studio to work in.

Dopefish said...

I got some footage from their studio that I'll put up once I've compiled my video from my visit in france. Really nice guys, and they had an awsome view from their balcony.