Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back home from Paris now!

I'm back home again, and I got plenty of stories to tell, but I'm too tired now. I got somekind of video diary that I need to edit next weekend and post. So, ehmm... well, Diablo III as you know, and, hmm... post something next week, aight?

Memo to self: Paris and Blizzard WWI schedule


Hergonan said...

Have you set a wedding date with Antikesys yet?

Tymlis said...

So, did you finally manage to get back to the WWI in time ?

Sorry again for having to let you go back all by yourself...

Dopefish said...

No worries. The two I went away with were of great help and there was no problem getting myself back (you may send my thanks to them!), although, I did come back a bit late and had missed the machinima contest. But no worries, since there wasn't actually any screening of the submissions for the contest, sadly enough =/

Was really nice to finally meet you, and I had a great time! Thanks for everything :)