Friday, February 20, 2009

I finally went through with it - Completeness +1


Misifusi said...

Hola, muy original e interesante tu tatuaje, único en un millón. Saludos!!

Dopefish said...

¡Gracias mucho! Es el Dopefish. Decidía tatuarlo puesto que ahora lo he tenido como apodo por una década.

Snobaste said...

That's fucking tight man!

Tymlis said...

- A Dopefish ?
- Yeah
- What is a Dopefish ?


BaronSoosdon said...

That is damn amazing!

Give us a raport of the operation. How long it took, did it hurt etc :)

I've been thinking of getting some game related tattoo, but no idea which.

Dopefish said...

It didn't feel that much. Was like scrapping of skin with a very sharp nail, or perhaps a razer blade. Wasn't like needles at all.

Took ~45mins at the House of Pain in Stockholm.

For game related tattoos, pixels are cool, or tattoos where those who don't know it's from a game don't think it's from a game. Like chains on your wrist.

Currently it got lots of little red dots around it, since I overused the tattoo care ointment >_<

But otherwise I'm really satisfied with it, and was done really well, and I have had no issues with scabs, infections or bleeding at all!

Selserene said...

What did the tattoo artist say when you brought that to her?

And very cool.

Dopefish said...

She said she recognized it :)

She had these kind of stuff around her working area:

And she had "game over" tattooed over her knuckles ;)