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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Square Enix Eidos takeover in April?

"Square Enix says the Tomb Raider series has accumulated total sales of 30 million, while Deus Ex and its sequel have sold a combined 2.4 million units. The Hitman series has amassed sales of 8.3 million, according to Square Enix, while Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has moved 1.7 million units alone.

The publisher has also marked out "Talented Development Studios" working for Eidos, with offices in Britain, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, China, Canada and the US.

The company also stated that, if shareholders approve, the takeover will occur in April. Regulatory approval would be needed to make the deal official."
Square Enix cites "major" Eidos franchises
Eidos being bought by Square Enix?

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