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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gone fishing - BRB new year

Sorry everyone that reads this blog in the passing by, and for those that frequently checks it out. I've not been able to post much lately, due to not being able to actually sit down infront of my computer and post things, and there hasn't been much interesting (imho) news to post about to begin with.

This will continue for a while, and I think it might be better to just put the blog on hold instead until new years eve, where it will hopefully get a overhaul on the design aswell as I'll hopefully be able to start blogging frequently again.

To top things off, I would like to dedicate my last post of this year to all the people at Avalanche Studios, who recently had two of their publishers cancelling two of their (previously unannounced) projects, forcing them to fire 77 people out of ~150 of their staff (among them, friends of mine), due to the financial crisis.

Rumors says it was going to be two of Avalanche best games aswell, , and the changes won't be affecting Just Cause 2 and The Hunter. One of the titles is being sold to another publisher, so it might yet see existance.

This is going to be a dark and cold winter...

Massvarsel hos Avalanche (swedish)
Storvarsel hos svenska Avalanche (swedish)
Avalanche prepares to lay off 77 staff (english)


Snobaste said...

I've also had a problem about updating my blog, except for the reason that I just have nothing to post about. Unless people want to read "Today, I learned how a sorted binary tree works." haha. And yea, the economy sucks right now. My dad's out of a job because of it ATM, but it will stabilize in a few months like it always does. Well, see you in two months!

Mstrp said...

Tråkigt att inte kunna se fram emot intressanta nyheter i din blogg på ett tag. Ha en bra jul!