Sunday, February 18, 2007

How to fix your Razer DeathAdder

Table of Content
  • How to get the DeathAdder working without reading this guide
  • How to install the 1.10 firmware
  • DeathAdder and Windows Vista
  • How to test for positive/negative acceleration
  • Lift-off distance
  • How to solve the problem with the bottom of the mouse scraping on the pad
  • How to solve the squeaky mouse wheel problem
  • Pressing the mousewheel button during games causes cursor jumps
  • Delay when pressing the mouse buttons until the action occurs
  • My DeathAdder lights went out and wont come back
  • Is the DeathAdder worth buying over the MSIE 3.0
ESReality - DeathAdder Guide
ESReality - Benchmarking Mice

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