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Friday, February 09, 2007

Nintendo DS is a child molester

"And remember Marissa chatting with her friend in the other car? That means a molester, driving along, could see your child in the backseat, and start sending messages."
Yes, he would be driving around, checking other cars for potential targets, spot the innocent child in the backseat (which of course must be chatting with her friend in another card using Pictochat) and instantly take his eyes of the road, take out his Nintendo DS (because he obviously must have one, ready in his pocket), boot it up with Pictochat, hold it, and start writing at the same time as he's driving, pursuing your car. That COULD happened. Will someone please think of the children?

So what can we conclude from this? That child molesters got superior eye-sight and spotting ability, aswell as they got great multi tasking skills and is masters of probability...

Nintendo Hand-Held Child Molester Target
Playstation Pornable from HELL

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