Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daniel Floyd - Video Games and Sex

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Anonymous said...

Was a interesting presentation.

Personally I don't think sex has any place in a game unless it is a very vital part of the story/game feel. I mean if i wanted to see boobs i would watch porn or go to a party. Real life > pixels and this will never change and video games should not attempt to make it and rather focus on creating a decent game.

Age Of Conan is the new hype these days and alot of wow players claim to be leaving for the "boobs" and stating that this is a mature game and wont have the annoying kids. What they don't realize is that they have just contradicted themselves via claiming that the game is better then wow because it has boobs. However I dont really feel age of conan's nudity is going to help the game at all. I guess in certain inns it can create a better atmosphere...

Another interesting point this video raised was just how picked on games that contained sexual content where. The film industry creates much more explicit content and receives much less harassment and i wonder how long this will take to change.

I guess my kids will be playing with alot more then tomb raiders guns by the time im 30 (if movies where anything to go by).

Anyway thanks for posting this it certainly raised alot of interesting questions and got me thinking.