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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nvidia on the power of GPU over CPU

"Talking to TechRadar earlier this week, Nvidia's VP of Content Relations Roy Taylor outlined a developing strategy for leveraging Nvidia graphics technology to accelerate a wide range of PC applications. Very soon, the world will discover just how pathetic conventional CPUs really are.

If Taylor is correct, the initiative will deliver a massive, unprecedented boost in PC performance. We're not talking the 2x or 3x boosts in performance that the PC industry delivers on a regular basis. It could promise as much as 20x or even 100x the performance of todays multi-core CPUs. Yikes."
"What's more, Taylor says plans to support the recently acquired PhysX physics-simulation engine on Nvidia's GPUs are also nearing launch. Before the end of May, a total of eight games with GPU-based PhysX are due to announced. 30 to 40 such titles will be available this time next year."
Nvidia: Current CPU-GPU balance in PCs is 'obscene'

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