Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 epic Shadow Of The Colossus moments

"Most things in Colossus can be grabbed. You can grab fish and be pulled through the water, you can grab a tortoise and be dragged across the ground... but best of all you can grab an eagle's talons and be flown through the sky.

But don't try it with regular eagles - your weight will pull them down. You have to find a giant-sized one, near the dead tree in the middle of the map. Grab it for a spectacular flight."
10 epic Shadow Of The Colossus moments


Anonymous said...

Wow looks cool.

What is this game for (playstation, comp)?


Dopefish said...

It's developed by Sony, so it's Playstation 2 exclusive. But I'm thinking about buying a PS2 just for the sake of this game alone... if of course it's not already backwards compatible with a PS3.