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Friday, November 06, 2009

What ever happened to the remains of GRIN?

The brothers and founders of GRIN, Bo and Ulf Andersson started up Supersledge. Not much more information about that company is currently available, but they will probably be very similar to GRIN, except that they aim to have a smaller studio of around 40 people instead. Located in Stockholm.

Outbreak Studios, located in Gothenburg, founded by Peter Björklund. Around 25 people and growing, they to believe in a smaller developer team. Future projects will be for XBLA, PSN, Windows Live, PSP Go. Currently working on the second episode of Dark Nebula for iPhone, and Planeto that will be a Facebook game.

Fatshark, located near Globen, Stockholm. They're currently working on Lead & Gold for PC, PSN and XBLA. They've also been working on Sir Hamiltoon´s Great Adventure, a puzzle game who hasn't announced which platform it's going to be released for, but will most likely be for handhelds. They previously did outsourcing for Terminator Salvation.

BitSquid, founded Tobias Persson and Niklas Frykholm, who were lead developers and tech directors at Grin for over six years. They seem to be the two lone members working from their office in Stockholm, and are working on the high-end BitSquid engine that they intend to showcase at GDC 2010.

GRIN Indonesia, turned into Jakarta QA Studio.

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