Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Half-Hour Half-Life

"This is my segmented Half-Life speedrun, done by me, Blake "Spider-Waffle" Piepho. I had the idea for this in year 2000, started working on it in 2003, and completed it in October 2006.

This run was done through many small segments in aim of achieving a high level of perfection. The final time from start to the death blow on Nihilanth is 29:41.

This run will be up on soon were you can read more in depth comments and also download other speedruns done by me.

I have to give a big thanks to people that made a segmented Half-Life run before me, these people are Radon (, Dopefish, and RandomEngy. I'd also like to thank RandomEngy for capturing the video and his video editing support.

I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to link and tell your friends about it."
Speed Demos Archive - Half-Life

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