Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Burning Valentine

Video: Koepi's XviD MPG-4, 640x512 @ 30 fps
Audio: Lame Mp3, 256kbps, 44100hz, Stereo
Published: 2007-01-07 00:00:24 by Dopefish


Snobaste said...

It's highly doubtful that you will check back at this page for new comments, but... thank you for this one video in particular! It was what finally sparked my interest and made me decide to attempt model changing. Back when I watched this when it first came out (after I was done freaking out that there was a new Dopefish video out :p), I seriously just sat there in my computer chair motionless for 5 minutes. Than my jaw dropped and the movie sank in. Was really amazing to see Elwynn in a completely different light, and it made me want to start learning how to do that. (I know you hate it when people think your videos are the coolest, but they are!)

Dopefish said...

On the other hand, I doubt you'll check back here for my response ;)

Thank you for your kind words and I always appreciate people liking my movies, but you shouldn't exaggerate ;)