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Saturday, January 27, 2007

GDC'07 - San Francisco for a week

Alright, shame on those who goes belly up after a few setbacks. Nintendo Wii, Twilight Princess, a new mobilephone can all wait, since I've decided to cruise on low steam this month, saving up my economy. After plenty of calculations and googlinating, I've come up with this price plan:

Game Developers Conference - Classic Pass: $945
Olympic Hotel - Double with shared bath: $280 for a week
Resecentrum - Stockholm to San Francisco: 2816 SEK (~$400)
Total: ~$1625

I'm also going to have a money buffer for food and taxi. Although economically viable, this is still a pretty steep price to pay. But don't despair, I still got a few schemes up my sleeve, that I hope might lower the cost for an entrance pass. If my scheming delay too long though, beyond the end of this month, the entrance pass fee will rise to $1450!

Game Developers Conferance 2007
San Francisco, where are you? :'(

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