Sunday, January 28, 2007

Operation: Bullar for Matthies

Every so often, it happens that we have to crunch over the weekends. It's rather cozy here when it's not soo many people, and when it's soo cold outside anyway. On those weekends, we're usually given buns, just for the sake of it. But there is one guy that has to work here more on the weekends than everyone else, and he's one of those veggie/vegans, so he can't eat buns since they have milk, buttar and eggs in them.

(They don't eat hamburgers either. Thought I just should fill that one in aswell...)

This makes me sad, that he's going to be the only one who doesn't get any buns on the weekends, so I decided to do something about it. And so "Operation: Bullar for Matthies" commenced!

  • Google for recipe on "bullar"
  • Print it out and take it with you to the store

  • Ingredients: Vetemjöl (Flour), Solhavre (milk replacer), Laktosfritt smör (milk-free butter), Jäst (Yeast), Syrup, Kanel (cinnamon) and Pärlsocker (pearl sugar)
  • Observe: I used replacements for milk and butter

  • Pour 5dl flour into something
  • Take 50g butter and split it up in pieces that you put in the same something as the flour
  • To make it look more funny, take one half yeast cube and shred it above the other stuff
  • Pour like 2dl milk into it, just for kicks
  • Since I didn't know what else to do, I took a orange that I squished above it, to get some juice in the mix
  • And to make it all gooey, you can just massage it with your fingers
  • Place a towel above it, and let it rest for 30mins after the massage
  • (I didn't have a towel, so I took paper towels...)

  • To make it more funky looking, cover it with cinnamon
  • Since I didn't have any forms for the dough, I just made some interesting looking forms of it, that I spread across a oven plate
  • Let them catch their breath for another 30mins
  • Since they were looking kind of ugly, and something were apperantly missing, I decided to go back to the store and buy myself some pearl sugar

  • Once back from the store with the pearl sugar, I decided to smear something on them, and since I couldn't use egg, I brushed them with Solhavre (the replacement milk) instead
  • Then it was just all about sprinkling them with the pearl sugar, and they started to look atleast a little bit more attractive

  • Put them in the oven, on 225 degrees (celsius, please) for 10-15mins

  • Serve them to a Matthies, and stand a safe distance away and observe in awe as he decides to devour them
  • Operation successful, and it didn't taste like crap as I thought it would, but actually better than most buns/bullar


Anonymous said...

he looks like rob zombie :D

Dopefish said...

Oh man, I made a screw up :'(
Laktos-free is not the same thing as milk-free...