Tuesday, April 03, 2007

iAudio U2

I'm very satisfied with my iAudio U2 mp3 player, and it felt really good to have something to listen on for once while walking home from the office and cleaning my room. In the package I got a set of earphones (see picture), a neck strap and two different kinds of USB cables. One of them was very short, similiar to a USB memory (which this mp3 player can work as a stand in for) and the other one was a ordinary USB cable.

So the first thing you do is connect the unit to your computer via a USB cable to load the battery, and at the same time it appears as an plug'n play device, which without any additional program you can just copy and paste files onto the memory of the mp3 player. Either files (if you use it as a USB memory) or mp3 files to listen on.

Very easy and quick. The earphones seems great to. So now when I have a mp3 player I better start listening on podcasts, and I've listened to a excellent interview with the lead scripter for Fable 2.

They mostly talk about storytelling in games, branched gameplay (in opposite to linear gameplay), Fable 2, independent development and AI. Even if you don't have a mp3 player of your own, I recommend you to download and listen on it.

Fear the Boot - Interview Mike West
Fear the Boot - Interview Mike West (mp3)

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