Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My new mobilephone 3

My new mobilephone 2
My new mobilephone


Snobaste said...

Really decent quality even in the dark! :D

And Uppsala (if you took these there :P) looks pretty cool.

Dopefish said...

Yeah, I hated not being able to take any pictures in bad light conditions, and it seems this one works great :)

Yes, that's parts of Uppsala but really doesn't show at all how Uppsala is like, but I thought it was good places to take test the light :)

Anonymous said...


Alleyria said...

I really like the quality of the pictures, something that is lacking in most camera-phones these days. Does the Zoom function actually zoom, or just stretch the pixels?

Oh, also, mmazing came onto IRC ( and wanted to say hi to you :) I'm not sure if Gnauren got your the message, but I have not seen you online in Quakenet so...Passing it to you here :P

Andrei said...

cool, jag ska också köpa ny mob. Min stänger av sig hela jäkla tiden. grr..