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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unlimited Escapism vol. 2

I don't usually post about WoW movies here (except for my own of course), but I thought this one deserved the little extra attention it could get. This movie doesn't require any prior knowledge of WoW, and it's maybe even more enjoyable if you've never played that game before.
"Again, like part one - there is no plot nor point. Maybe there is something that looks remotely like a plot. The main focus is on the visuality, effects, editing and trying to make cool looking scenes by using multiple game engines."
Be sure to grab the HighDef version of it, instead of watching it through any of those worthless streams.

Download HighDef
Unlimited Escapism vol. 2


Snobaste said...

Hehe… yeah I thought soosisti did an amazing job on this one, although he's still wanting me to make some MCs for him ^_^

Dopefish said...

You two working together would be really nice :)