Saturday, April 21, 2007

NotKnytt - Knytt Stories

"Hey! Here's my new report about the current progress of Knytt Stories (working title).

I'm still waiting for material. Some text, and some music, and a very important extension. Once I add it, the game itself is complete. Although it would only require one or two days of work to add the material, I can't add it before I have it.

However, even if I had that material now, I wouldn't be able to release the game for a while anyway, since I'm planning to sell expansions. I really want to release the expansions at the same time as the game. I need to learn about all those things - and I must redesign the website.

I will probably not be able to release NotKnytt before sometime at the end of the summer."
-Nifflas, April 17, 2007
(A screenshot from the level editor)
Knytt Stories - Current Progress
The Unofficial Nifflas GamePage
Knytt - A 2D Exploration/Adventure Game

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