Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fallout 3 Teaser, today?

So the countdown has finally ended, and this is what people got greeted by. Surprisingly enough, the site is currently down due to the hordes of Fallout fans that keeps refreshing the page every 5 seconds in hopes to be the first ones to view the video.

Fallout 3 Teaser in 7 days
Fallout 3 Teaser in 14 days
Fallout 3 Teaser in 26 days
Fallout 3 Teaser in 32 days
Fallout: Welcome to the Official Site

Oh, the site is back up again! :)

Well, atleast it was ingame footage...

Some comments from Pete Hines, Bethesda's PR-in-chief:
1) Yes, that's in-engine (in-engine means it's done with game assets in our rendering engine, but isn't done real-time. If it was done in real-time, that'd be gameplay footage. This isn't something, for example, that was sent to some house [e.g. Blur Studios] so they could build assets and render it out, and create something for us to release [e.g. Dawn of War 40K intro cinematic]).
2) Yes, that's The Ink Spots singing "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire"
3) Yes, that's Ron Perlman [voiceover man extraordinaire of Fallout 1 and 2].

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Hergonan said...

Haha btw they put a small easter egg in the video...