Thursday, April 24, 2008

GTA IV leak resulting in earlier release?

PSA: GTA IV early release letters not real


Tymlis said...

"[...] several seperate stores [...]"
I know that my english sucks, but isn't it a pretty big mistake/typing error (seperate) for an official document?

Dopefish said...

I got no sources for this image, and it might just aswell be a fake to entice fans of the series.

Nonetheless, it's always interesting to watch the consequencesfrom a leaked game, even when The Darkness was leaked ;)

Tymlis said...

I did not played The Darkness, the trailers and preview movies seemed quite interesting but... this game never hit the pc shelves isn't it? It was pure X-box, or am I wrong ?

And btw, how did you handle the leak? Did you know how it occured? What are the consequences in term of sales of a leaked game?

I'm a bit curious

Dopefish said...

I don't think I'm authorized to answer that, nor am I able to. I was the one that initially reported it to our CEO that then forwarded it to our publisher that handled an internal investigation, but I never heard how that turned out.

It do hurt sales when released before the actual release date, but it's also important to remember that there would only be a 1000:1 ratio of the pirates that would actually have bought the game.

Tymlis said...

Thanks for the answer anyway. I myself am a pirate, I play a lot of games, but only pay for a little bunch of them (I guess i've only bought Oblivion, Bioshock and Portal those past few years)