Thursday, June 26, 2008

Memo to self: Paris and Blizzard WWI schedule

Memo to self: Keep track of your schedule #3


Selserene said...


Blaguy said...

Wow, that was worth to wait till 2 AM^^
I was hoping some leak, especially about that so good bountiful chest (= le coffre bienfaisant?), or some pics of the super machinima team, or of you in your human form, but it seems that I gonna have to camp the other blogs :P

Did you go to the WoW FAQ?You could ask some questions about machinimas improvement in the next addon (like more movement for characters, or lips synch) which could be far more useful than those stupid questions I read on the websites reports about DroodLock Ups or why gnomes aren't in the WoW intro Movies... :D

PS:Upload your next "baby" fast, I can't wait it!(and see how WoW Insider users will react...)

PPS: Sorry for my bad english.I'm as bad writing it when i'm tired than you speaking it when you're drunk.

PPPS: (les faire manger des escargot et des cuisse de grenouille?tu veux les degouter a vie de la cuisine francaise?Fallait leur montrer notre bonne baguette et notre bon fromage :P)

blaguy said...

HOLY CRAP!Do to late time (and a missclick, probably) that post above was for olibith, and appeared here, please delete it :( )

Dopefish said...

This is the latest production I was involved in:

Missed all the discussion panels, but I have lots of pictures of the super machinima team!

Pictures of me in my human form is plenty to find on this blog already ;)

And about the french kitchen, I had McDonalds burger, ordinary burger and a pizza (almost like pizza hut pizza!).

Dopefish said...

blaguy, I'll give you pictures of Olibith later ;)

Tymlis said...

So, weren't you supposed to make a post about that journey, with pictures, videos and wonderful stories to tell (like how you shot me numerous times in the back, you stealthy sniper !) ?

Or have I missed it?

Dopefish said...

Have had problems editing my video footage from the trip, but I've still planned to show the stuff ^^