Friday, December 21, 2007

Machiniplex interview with me

Ricky Grove of Machiniplex

The Interview

This is a bit embarrassing with all the "errr...." and "ehhmmm...", aswell as lots of mispronounciations. I blame it on this being my first interview and a bit nervous :)

Among Fables and Men - Machiniplex Edition

The "Among Fables and Men" Premiere: Tobias, Anton & Malu
Machiniplex Q&A with me on 16th of December


Anonymous said...

8:33 "UMH... Yeeaaaah... ..."

Priceless. Obetalbart Dope!


Dopefish said...

Ehmm... just det! :)

Norswap said...

Very interesting indeed.

(Please, excuse my awfull english for the rest of the comment.)

As I am going to university next year, I wondered if studies in computer sciences could lead to work in the game industry. I looked for schools offering games oriented courses but they're all too much "infografic" (is that english ??) related and furthermore nearly unexistant in my country (Belgium), tough there are some in the northern of France.

Dopefish said...

Well, work experience or a portfolio always values more than an education. And what does 'infograifc' mean? ;)

Norswap said...

It means "Making sweet pictures with a computer."

Well, I think I'll take your advice (I can't do otherwise anyway :p ). Thank you.