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Friday, December 28, 2007

GDC'08 or economics?

It looks like my savings can afford me the trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but I'm becoming a bit reluctant wether I should spend everything to go there this year, alone.

If I don't make the trip, I can pay off all the payments for the HDV-camera I bought recently. Then again, I bought it to be able to bring it for events such as this.

On the other hand, I get enough left to by myself a new graphics card (fast render times in After Effects?), so that I can put my current graphic card in my old computer that's currently standing in a corner collecting dust.

But it's not like I will be using two computers anyhow, and if I would, I would prefer to have a new laptop instead, and I'm not going to get one of those for a while.

Hmm... I've been wanting to go to Game Developers Conference for three years now though, and there's only one chance per year and life is short. They have great lectures and it's an excellent place to gain new contacts and do some networking.

But the most interesting lectures are mostly available afterwards as mp3 files, or reported through gaming news sites.

I've already been granted vacation for the duration of the event, and it seems like a very kind soul is willing to offer me a couch in San Francisco, so I won't have to spend any money for hotel.

On second thought, it will most likely mean more costs for taxi travelling and I can't travel anywhere else before then since I need to save up the money. And I would really like to be able to travel and visit friends within three months from now.

What should a geek like me do?

It's basicly confirmed now that I got a place to crash if I'm going to San Francisco, and it were just 10-20mins walk from the Moscone center so no taxi needed.

So, $995 for the entrance pass, and then the cost for the flight that will probably cost just as much. Is it worth it?

Game Developers Conference '08
Sony HDR-SR7, and splitting up payments 2


Johan Svahn said...

If I were you I would save up some more money and go next year. There is no fun to be there and not have afford to do anything due to shortage of money. If you just barely can afford the trip then don't go, since it will always cost more than you expected. I would say that you go next year and do everything you wish to do instead of worrying if you really can afford dinner every day or to go on that VIP party with all the cool guys :)

Dopefish said...

Thanks, all responses I can get helps me out to decide in the end.

Snobaste said...

I would have to agree with Johan. Although you've been wanting to go and haven't been able to for a few years... another year waiting wouldn't be too much to pay in order to be able to enjoy it fully without worrying about money issues. Just save up for next year so you can go all out and have fun :D