Sunday, November 20, 2005

You don't know Jack about Thompson

Jack Thompson the self proclaimed crusader against brainwashing games that turns innocent kids to violent murderers, known for accusing Sony for doing the same thing as Pearl Harbour and calling The Sims 2 for a pedophile's paradise. Recently he has been representing the families of two police officers and a police dispatcher which were killed by Devin Moore, whom admitted to playing Grand Theft Auto, a game that includes killing of police officers thus forcing the kid to do it in real life™. I've never seen it in any of the game objectives to go outside and kill anyone in the real life™, nor does the game come with a actual gun, or did he kill them by pressing a button on the joypad?

Either way, due to his recent statements against the gaming industry, the defenders filed a motion for Jack to be thrown out of the case. Jack responded by a withdrawal from the case and stating "The other side wants to make me the issue, the important thing is that the clients be served." and claiming that his withdrawal has nothing to do with the motions against him.

Now his withdrawal has been denied by the judge for the case, instead Judge Moore opted that Thompsons license to practise law in the state should be revoked. "Mr. Thompson's actions before this Court suggest that he is unable to conduct himself in a manner befitting practice in this state."

So how does our beloved Jack respond to this? He wrote a letter to Alabama's Judcial Inquiry Commision, questioning Judge Moore's ethics. "I have had the disturbing experience of appearing before the above jurist in a high-profile wrongful death action, Strickland v. Sony... In my opinion, Judge Moore has violated...the Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics by his unfortunate, improper, and prejudicial acts in this case, at the expense of three bereaved Alabama families."

Yesterday, gamepolitics made a post about Jack Thompson threatening because of all the bad reviews his new book has got lately. "If these ALL of these reviews which violate your own "review rules" are not down from your site by 7:16 pm Sunday, November 20, then I shall have to proceed accordingly..."

Thompson keeps himself busy, and I wonder how long it will take until we'll hear his trademarked "or else" next time.

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