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Monday, March 06, 2006

If you had all the time in the world

"[12:28:55] <^DopeZzZ> wow, I relized I'm the only person in the world today... what fun can you do when you're all alone in the world? But I'm tired and want to go to sleep... when I wake up will the world still be there waiting for me?"
One particular thing about me that many people don't know about, is that I don't got any normal clocks in my room. You know the kind you hang on the wall which got a pointer for hour, minute and seconds, and every second you hear the clock tick. All my clocks are digital, not only because I find them easier to read, and that you can see them in the dark, but just for the simple reason that they don't make a sound. I hate lying on my bed, staring up in the ceiling in complete silence, except from the constant tick, tack... a second lost every second...

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