Friday, March 10, 2006

Dice is looking for recruits

Dice, the creators of worldwide succesful games Battlefield and Battlefield 2, is currently recruiting more people. The list below are some of the positions they're offering:
  • Internship
  • Producer
  • Animators
  • Level Designers
  • Associate Producers / Game Designers
  • 3D Artists
  • Programmers
In the future I'm hoping to be able to work as either a Level Designer or a Game Designer, and I'll probably start out as a quality assurance tester or a bug tester. I hope I'll get the time to learn myself common level editors during our 10p Big Game Project that starts next month, and is running until the end of this term. Personally I wouldn't mind their internship that is described below:

Want to write you Masters’ Thesis or do your internship at Digital Illusions?

We are looking for students that want to write their Masters’ Thesis or do their internship here at Digital Illusions during the summer or fall of 2006.

Things to have in mind when applying!
Your application must include some specific parts so we can make a correct judgment of you and your skills. The application must include a personal letter, your CV and if possible some reference work. Let us know in what area you wish to write your Masters’ Thesis or do your internship. If you have any suggestions for subjects for you Masters’ Thesis, please let us know.

As reference material, we would like you as programmer to attach source codes or complete software that you have written. More or less completed programs are also very interesting, and which will help us form a picture of your experience.

Graphic Designers
We would like that all our applicants attach their portfolios. If you don't have a portfolio please don't hesitate to contact us for suitable work samples.

For the designer work sample it is suitable with a game design document or a playable game/level.

General Information
Applicants will be informed during spring.

For more information, contact Hanna Nilsson +46 8 658 78 00.

Dice On-line Recruitment System

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