Saturday, March 11, 2006

When you know you've done a too good job

Ok, for all you skeptics. (The full true story).
I Come over his house to hang out. His roomate was sitting on the couch, watching tv with the dog, and i asked, where's Derek, and she said in his bedroom. So i go to the back, and his door WAS shut. I slowly opened it, and he yells at me before i could even get it fully open, "GET OUT, im changing!.. i'll be out in a minute". So I said alright. So i run back into the living room, tell his roomate that we should catch him changing on film as a joke. So she hands me her video camera, cause she was too chicken to do it. Turns out, he's doing a bit more than that. To answer why he continued after he knew i was at his house.. i have NO clue.. he's just a sicko i guess, and two, why was it to a night elf?.. you know, some people just have their own problems. So, we got in this huge fight afterward, and he said some pretty messed up things to me, and kicked me out of his house for ever. decided to end our friendship. So, as revenge, i took the tape when i left, and decided to put it up on here. I guess thats what you get. and thats the true full story. oh, and just to piss him off even more, here is his myspace acccount-
xnerdrawkerx, March 07, 2006, 03:41 PM
I don't know if the artists at Blizzard should be proud or ashamed of themself, either way it's always interesting to see how much games can affect ones life. Warning, the video below can feel somewhat disturbing for some people, but most will just find it tragicomical.

Nerd Plays W.O.W.

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